A Word of Caution for Starseeds: Don’t Get Caught Up in Details

There are sites around the internet providing certain kinds of information that can have you believing they must really know what they’re talking about when what is really important is the Starseed’s character and service. 

Some Starseeds fall in love with the idea of a planet, a star system, or a dimension they come from. Let all that go. You may receive information or have a knowing about your home world, but what is important is your uplifted life radiating out onto the planet right here, right now.

Live your best life and the rest will take care of itself. You will walk into a room and you will light it up. Don’t preach or push yourself on others. Don’t see others as broken, lesser, or in need of fixing because not only is it essentially not true, it reflects back on you. Let your character and manner of being speak for itself and draw others to you. People will recognize there is something different about you and you will have made an impression upon their consciousness.

And when you’re in service to others, in whatever way that looks, do it because you desire to and not because you think you’re supposed to. When we’re motivated by ‘shoulds’ our service is only half. Our service is full and complete when it arises from the bellies of our souls.

Our service doesn’t have to be the accomplishment of a major project that uplifts the world. It is in our everyday life where every thought, word and action create ripples onto the planet. The question for us always is: What kind of ripples do we wish to spread?

A Word of Caution for Starseeds: Don’t Get Caught Up in Details

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Photo by Ahmed Carter on Unsplash