The Starseed Uptake

The Starseed Uptake

Your people on the other side of the sun watch out for you. They monitor your expansion. We create grids of light on Earth by our very existence. Our e.t. brothers and sisters support us starseeds by creating protective grids of light around Earth and by communicating with us directly when we are open and willing to receive their wisdom. They are our families. We are here on the front-lines of Earth and they are our support “personnel.”

We may hear from our space brothers and sisters during meditation or we may just get a feeling or inspiration during the day. We may be in the habit of not even thinking about them.

We may be a little too caught up in living life on Earth and so we don’t even realize they are constantly sending messages, knowledge, and ideas to help us assist the world to arise its vibratory frequency in very potent ways.


Starseed caught up in busy life

Those who serve on front-lines need some rest, upliftment and re-creation at some point and our extraterrestrial bothers and sisters understand this very well. For this purpose, at times they will “take us up” to their ships while our bodies remain here on Earth.

Parameters must be met by the individual Starseed before uptake can occur. These parameters are individual to your extraterrestrial race but for me a well-developed core (abdominals and transverse abdominis) which creates amplified light strength in that region combined with integrity of character and desire are factors my people look for before uptake. (Continued next page)


Uptakes can come as a full blown memorable experience or in a quick flash of light and are gifts to the Starseed. The flash of light uptake can happen in your waking day as well as during the night and seems to you be no longer than a second.

I was able to remember in great detail one of my uptakes. I am telling you this story not to impress you but so that you will know your uptake is possible. In my sleep, I saw myself socializing with a number of my friends in a large house. I stepped outside and closed the door behind me. I looked up in the night sky (and here’s where it starts to get very real) and saw a mammoth ship in the night sky off in the distance.

a confident knowing starseed

Almost as if it had eyes which locked with mine at that moment, it instantaneously moved from its faraway position to almost right over my head just above the tall tree tops. Like “zzzzzip.”

A wide shaft of light extended from the belly of the ship and like a tractor beam pulled me up from my diaphragm. In other words, I was in a graceful arched prone position as my legs and head comfortably dangled.

I was taken into an enormous golden chamber that seemed to have no bottom although I’m sure it must have. That’s how deep it was. It felt so safe.

As I easily floated in mid-air in the center of this chamber (where I saw no beings anywhere) a glass-like tube about eight inches in diameter extended from the ceiling down to my solar plexus. It was filled with sacred geometrical symbols and forms suspended in liquid light and my body received it like drinking water.

When it was complete, my spirit was returned to my bed and I immediately woke up amazed and bowled over.


At first, I thought it was a dream but the experience was large in my consciousness all day long. Finally, I told my son. As I said the words aloud, “They took me up,” we both realized I had literally been taken up.

From the time I was told uptake like this was possible until it actually occurred for me was approximately three years. The manner of uptake and timing will be different for everyone. Don’t look for it to be any one way. Just continue to live your best life and place yourself in a state of calm expectancy.

If you receive an uptake you may at first think it was only a dream but eventually you will come to know that it was real. If you feel to share your experience with someone do so with someone of very like mind otherwise it will be misunderstood. The truth will become clear like an arrow hitting its bulls-eye target.

alien/extraterrestial ship

If you have dreams of being on ships or in outrageous wide expanses and structures so vivid you remember the details, you have been taken up. You may even feel the physical sensation of being taken up. You may see extraterrestrial beings very clearly and experience a feeling of awe at the beauty you are seeing. You may also be unable to sleep well for a period of time after uptake. It will resolve.

Whatever happens for you, take it all in stride. Try not to be too amazed by the experience. Another will come someday but only if you are not enamored with and attached to it.

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