Understanding the Starseed Warp

Understanding the Starseed Warp

In the Photoshop graphic design software you can take an image and transform it by selecting the ‘warp’ option. You can twist, bend and fold the image over on itself from many different points and directions. You can almost completely transform the image by editing with warp.

Not being an astrophysicist I don’t understand the concept well enough to fully explain the use of warp for space travel in shows like Star Trek. I understand that a bending of time and space occurs in order for the vehicle to travel at faster than light speed. A meta-propulsion system generates warp speed allowing the space traveler to enter dimensions of space-time that can only be entered at faster-than-light speed.

Starseeds on Earth also have the ability to propel themselves using warp. They can create multi-dimensional transformation or upliftment of character significant enough to ‘drive’ them into new levels of evolution and ability to space travel in their own ships of light (see box next page): the totality of their beings. Warp can often be an usual action of valor, service or integrity we complete that is so potent it causes us to reach beyond our surface minds to accomplish it. We reach inside ourselves and bring forth wisdom and understanding and knowing we may not have realized we had. It takes focus and energy just as a Star Trek ship requires a focus of concentrated energy to jump into warp drive.

Warp enables us to pass through stargates of consciousness. It’s like butting our heads up against a glass ceiling and in one quintessential moment we break through the ceiling to rise to another level arising our velocities to a frequency that transcends time and space and brings us to a point in our evolution from which we can never regress.

It’s not anything that can be forced or made to happen. The opportunity for warp occurs spontaneously and organically and you may have gone through warp many times already. It is actually a concept embraced by our brothers and sisters who support us from other star systems. Certainly, our character transformation from many years ago until today has involved a twisting and a bending to the point that we may barely resemble the person we once were. We may not always know when we’ve accomplished a warp but we’ll have a palpable feeling that something has definitely changed where we’ve gone beyond a barrier we believed existed but is no more.

We are our own aeroships of light — each one of us. Our aeroships are our “activated Merkabah light bodies containing momentum and charge that carry other individuals off-planet” into the stargate system. One day, when it is necessary, many of us shall arise and morph into light ships, and we will transport many aboard our transport vehicles who are not yet able to do so themselves. “Starseeds are able to build enough momentum or charge within their fields so that they may ‘carry’ others along with them who are receptive to charge but cannot build enough charge themselves to ascend on their own.”*

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*The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine in Magenta Pixie’s book, The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame: Sacred Mysteries of Stargate Ascension.