About Future Visitation Projection Sessions

A girl is being visited by an orb of light

I never remembered the extraterrestrial visitation I had as a child one peaceful Summer morning in Michigan until I was about 40 when I drifted into a lucid sort of dream state and the entire memory spilled out.  I can assure you this was far more than a dream. 

The term extraterrestial has a rather unpleasant rap. It conjures alien abductions and scary looking creatures. Actually, while they fit the dictionary definition of extraterrestrial (from outside the earth or its atmosphere), those who have visited me or have taken me up into their vessels were ascended masters and highly evolved non-physical beings. Most benevolent, they are our brothers and sisters and are dedicated to us and ultimately, the evolution of the planet.

Back to the visitation... I was nine years old or so doing chores outside around the house. A sudden, quick bright flash of light took me by surprise. I started calling for my mother. “Mom. Mom!” No answer. “Where are you, Mom?” 

I went inside the house to look for her. Strangely, it was empty. The whole house was deafeningly silent as I stood in my living room, somehow unafraid, and I watched several very tall, slender entities enter the front door of my home in procession. Did they come in the front door for my benefit? They were in robes, eggshell in color, and they appeared very regal. They quietly took seats in a circle in my living room and began to talk to me telephatically and I understood everything. 

At the end of the visitation, they left the way they entered, without any affect, and in silence followed by the characteristic blinding flash of light. Since having this memory, I’ve had others that involved the flash of light and I’ve learned this means you’re either being taken up or they’re coming to you. 

This kind of thing is not new. In the renowned Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, his guru Sri Yukteswar visits him in a way similar to extraterrestrial visitations soon after his passing. Lisette Larkins writes about her experiences in her exceptional books. This is only one of a myriad of recorded authentic examples.

I remembered this visitation spontaneously one day, as an adult, quite organically. It set certain aspects of my station in life into motion. It was in that visitation that I was given keys to many events that I had written to occur many decades later, one of which is happening now with this website.

Since this memory I have learned how to recall more of the visitations without my logical mind being involved. If we’ve had one visitation, we’ve had many all of which are stored in the vaults of our inner beings and with the absolute directive of resurfacing them when the time was right.

That timing is unfolding now. How can we be sure? Take a glance at the world around us. 

There are enormous numbers of people on the planet right now who are here to co-create a new golden age for Earth. One group of these people is known as starseeds. (Read the entire article defining starseeds in the "I AM STARSEED" mini mag issue at this site.) 

These visitations have occurred to enormous numbers of starseeds when they were children. If you're reading this, this probably means you're a starseed too and you have memories to uncover. 

We were given many keys–knowledges, technologies  and reminders of all kinds that we would somehow remember one day as adults. We are going to use these keys to help restore Earth to her original unadulterated glory as the human race on Earth arises in consciousness. What we offer the planet will be a vital part of a dramatic evolutionary shift that must take place.

And this is only part of the story.

Along with revealing to ourselves the memories of these visitations comes a really very glorious awakening of our true selves for in order to give what we’ve come to give, we’re going to have to be the best we can be. Perfection is not required, however, just willing pure hearts.

If “starseed” strikes a chord in you, whether you consciously remember visitations similar to mine or not, and if you would like assistance to now begin to fully remember your Future Visitation Projections as a child, I have a unique therapy to offer you. Being charged with this station is one of the keys I received in my visitations. 

I look forward to connecting with you to, in some small way, play the role of catalyst for your remembering so many secrets stored deep inside your being during your own unique childhood visitations.

If you are seriously interested in a Future Visitation Projection session by phone, FaceTime or Skype with me, I really highly advise you to purchase and read the "I AM STARSEED" mini mag issue of radiant soul. There is also a free Starseed download I recommend for you to read before our session as well.

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