8 Ways Siri and Smartphone Technology Can Actually Assist Our Spiritual Lives

Siri on iPhone asking "what can I help you with?"

The world's gone wild with technology. Everywhere you go, people have their faces trained on smartphone or tablet screens. Just this evening, I went to the nearby lake to watch the sunset. There's a beautiful "lake walk" erected along the lake with gazebos here and there so you can sit and gaze at the lake and outrageous surrounding nature. Even in this "get-away-from-it-all" setting, people were strolling along the lake walk looking into their phones, texting and others who were fishing (what used to be the ultimate relaxation pastime) were talking on their phones!

The days of pay phones are over for the most part and we have to admit we feel safer knowing our mobile phone's in our pocket. Old fashioned typewriters have long since been replaced by the smooth and fleeting key punching of the laptop computer. The world has changed and will continue to change. Who knows how technology will look ten years from now? There certainly are portents of it in the movies and I've noticed that a lot of what we see in movies are precursors to actual happenings in the future. (More on this phenomenon in a soon upcoming blog post!)

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People start campaigns to get others to stop using their phones and social media for at least one day. Lots of people are super concerned that our children will be unable to socially relate to others or unable to appreciate our natural environment.

There are all kinds of negatives and all kinds of pluses to technology and social media. I tend to think that social media is more of a zapper than the technology devices themselves.

Anyway, it’s important to keep the technology and social media use in perspective and become its lord and master rather than the other way around. Let technology serve us within reason rather than we become a slave to it.

The world is fast-paced, even speeding up. There’s so much external stimulation with people, companies, organizations coming at us all day long, it can be overwhelming. We must pick and choose and keep it all in balance. It is we who must have dominion over all of it and not the other way around no matter what the inventors of all this stuff intend for us. Remember that.

If you’re a spiritual or contemplative person, in a rather weird sort of twist, there are all kinds of ways you can have Siri or Alexa (or whoever is the so-called personality of your smart device) get you to pause and savor what’s truly important in life. 

Have your technology’s software remind you at a certain time each day to pause for a certain uplifting and/or spiritual activity. Don’t just blow off the daily reminder. Commit to following through when the reminder pops up and after a few weeks of the daily reminder, you will have acquired at least one (and probably many more) positive, life affirming habit.

Have your smart device daily remind you to:

  1. Stop and consciously rise to the Divinity of your being.
  2. Pause for a ceremonial tea time.
  3. Deeply contemplate for several minutes in quiet a provocative question for day such as, Where do creative thoughts come from and how do they come?
  4. Send light and love to the world’s refugees.
  5. Go out and collect one small piece of nature and bring it inside your home (a leaf, a pine cone, a flower, even a blade of grass).
  6. Light a candle (if even a tea candle) and imbue it with prayers destined to assist others you are aware of who could use some love and prayers.
  7. Take a deep breath or several deep breaths, maybe even engage in several minutes of conscious breathing.
  8. Practice a healing mudra for a few minutes.

These are just a few ideas! Remember, YOU be the lord and master of your technology and not the other way around!