Understanding Soulmates and Finding Your 'Other'

Statue of ancient Hindu lovers kissing

‘Soulmate’ is a very misunderstood thing and consequently it’s a union most people purely romanticize. So many have a tendency to believe they must find their one lone soulmate, and that it’s either impossible or improper to romantically love more than one person either simultaneously or in the course of a lifetime. But if God gave us love and God and love are synonymous as well as infinite, I wonder why we look at love inside such a tiny box. Let's explore the true meaning of soulmates and how they come into our lives.

Your soulmates can be anywhere on the planet but you must be truly ready for honest authentic love. All mates hold up mirrors for each other so that the partners involved may examine themselves very deeply and grow and evolve. It isn’t always picture perfect but you will grow and evolve from it. You may live the equivalent countless lifetimes during the course of one of these relationships. These relationships have the potential to signficantly accelerate our personal growth.

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So when we make finding our soulmate our goal we must be aware of what we’re really asking for.  We may not fully appreciate that we already have many very beneficial relationships in our companionships and family kinships that are preparing us for this kind of love. In fact, we may already be experiencing soulmate relationships without recognizing it.

A soulmate union may not be the fulfillment of the commonly contrived fantasy concept of soulmates but it has the potential to create deeply meaningful bonds, love affairs and partnerships that go far beyond the more superficial understanding of soulmate.

It’s important to understand that in any relationship, there may come a time when we have learned all we could from our mate and it’s time to part ways. It’s just like being in school and finally graduating. 

If you find yourself drawn to another, it’s probably because you are destined to learn something important from this relationship. Trust it. Essentially, we are all soulmates to each other. We will say we are individual souls yet the purest definition of ‘individual’ is ‘indivisible.’ It cannot be divided, therefore all souls are one and indeed, soulmates.

When we think there is only one soulmate for us in all the world, no wonder we get uptight about finding “the one.” It seems like a monumental task! We get anxious and freeze up the energy all around our desire to connect. Let it go. Whatever you have written in your script this lifetime will indeed occur.

For now, until you find your “Other,” understand that this yearning you have to find “the one” is also a yearning for something deeper. It’s a yearning for oneness with the Divine that already resides within you but with whom you’ve not yet fully connected and embraced. A soulmate union can be a channel for expressing this infinite love abounding within us that so desperately wants to spill out.

Your soulmate will come to you if this is part of what you placed into your design before you incarnated. When this happens you will either be very ready for him or her and participate fully in the relationship or your yearning may even have abated because you have finally discovered right within your own being, in the quantum consciousness field, what you were truly seeking all along.  

Until then, relax and focus on enjoying life. Do all the things that cause you to feel happy and appreciating life. Follow your heart. Don’t over-analyze. Learn to love yourself more. 

Our true soul mates exist as an integral, integrated part of ourselves.
— J. J. Hurtak, The Overself Awakening: A Guide for the Schoolhouse of the Soul