Trapped By Your Beliefs?

Trapped By Your Beliefs?

A false reality system has been programmed into us since birth. Neither you nor I were allowed to form our own beliefs since early childhood. We were told what to do, what to like, what not to like, and what to believe. Almost everyone perpetuates the system without questioning it. This is a system so deep rooted, so well in place that enormous masses of people can be controlled by it. If you ever feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, where your life all too often doesn’t even feel like your own, it’s all because of this false reality system programming.

Sometimes, though, we get to a point where we begin questioning all this. We begin opening our minds and hearts to what’s possible. And if we’re growing all along our life journey we’ll even find there are aspects of our beliefs, if not entire belief systems, that we’ll find necessary to change as we go because they no longer fit with who we’ve become.

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Even after I made what some might feel to be radical changes in my life and have lived with those changes for many years, I find myself still coming to crossroads where I am asked to change an aspect of a belief system or an entire belief system I was deeply rooted in for so long. I say ‘asked’ because it often comes to me in a process of questioning. It is really that I am the one asking myself if a belief needs to evolve or change.

When I come to such a crossroads it feels vast and scary. I will be shedding an aspect of myself or an aspect of my beliefs like a snake shedding its skin so that I can carry on fresher and lighter but it’s still a little scary to let go of anything you made a part of your being and your life for such a long time.

When I shed this skin and allow myself to expand into the new and higher, into what’s up for me at this point in my life, I go beyond what was and what was is no longer who I am.

Don’t try to put me back in my past. I’ve dropped out of it.

There is still a great deal of that false reality programming for me to go beyond as a sovereign being. I haven’t got it all behind me but it’s exciting and exhilarating to be open to change and morphing my beliefs.

Beliefs are, after all, just that. Beliefs. They’re not permanent at all.

The definition of ‘belief’ is ‘an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.’ It is merely an acceptance that something is true which indicates that based on more life experience that something that is accepted could change.

The way to be free of accepting things as true that somebody else wants us to accept as true is to follow our own awareness rather than follow the rules some person, some religion, some organization or group, some system made up for us to follow.

Instead of blindly accepting to follow disciplines, we must key in on our hearts—what we feel about those disciplines. Do we feel joy practicing those disciplines and following those rules? Does it feel truly right or do we feel in the belly of our souls there’s another way for us? Each of us has written our own indigenous path. What one person accepts may look slightly or vastly different for us.

We are each contained within our own consciousness field. It is that consciousness that envelops us, that gives us shelter. When we live heart-centered from our field of consciousness, our conscious awareness, perhaps rules, disciplines, dogmas and expectations will no longer find any place in our lives.

There’s always more. Just because one is in her 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s is no reason to stop growing because she has developed or accepted a system of beliefs and that’s it for this life.

Even when we make radical belief changes they can still be limiting. There’s a great infinite vista waiting for us to enjoy, but it’s going to take being utterly open to changing our limiting beliefs. Perhaps this freedom will enable us figuratively and literally to lift off the ground so light we will be.

I’m not so sure we all really get how integral beliefs are to the way our lives look, these things that take shape by thinking certain thoughts over and over again. When we realize that they really are not rock hard solid and that they can and must morph, evolve and change over time to live the most expansive everlasting life possible, then I do believe our world will know freedom.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash