Three Major Events for American Women in 2017: The Seeds of a New Consciousness and Vibratory Frequency in the U.S. and Ultimately, the World

Love not hate placard is being held up by a young teenage girl at the Women's March of 2017

Three monumental events occurred in 2017 for women, our nation and the world that are actually the seeds sprouting of a new consciousness, a higher vibratory frequency for the U. S. and the entire world:

  1. The Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration not just in the U.S. but all over the world
  2. Sexual harassment and abuse coming to light in every sector and women standing up to say they will no longer tolerate it
  3. Women who never before ran for office elected in the first post inaugural nation-wide elections Nov. 8, 2017 alongside LGBTQ people and people of color in many states including New Hampshire, North Carolina, Montana, Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

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There is a new tide turning. It may not exactly look like it on the surface. Things look chaotic, mean spirited, even ugly, but there is a counterbalance taking shape and it is elicited by women of character and integrity. Not all women participate in it. There are still many who may be influenced by factors outside themselves to remain loyal to forces that instigate fear, hatred and hypocrisy. Some incredulously seem to sacrifice their personal integrity for political agendas and I'm not quite sure what else. 

There are enough women, however, to form a critical mass number that is beginning to effect change in our country.

What is this change? It is the shift to heart-centered and truly compassionate comportment. 

Will there be women who will stumble and participate in political corruption? Yes. This occurs in every population, however I suspect the number will be smaller because women tend to be open enough to follow their intuition, that inner guidance that tells them “something just isn’t right” or “yes, this feels good, it feels right, let’s do it.”

The logic of very many women is better described as wisdom, the kind of wisdom that comes from observation, the willingness to learn from mistakes, and the innate wisdom within women that just simply exists, there for the taking. So governmental decisions by women will demonstrate an added dimension, more color and new important perspectives. This is a new consciousness. It vibrates at a higher frequency. It will improve life everywhere as it ripples out everywhere.

Women are damn tired of being viewed and treated as objects. It doesn’t happen to all women, this is true, but it has happened to enough women through the last many decades in all sorts of ways to cause a tipping point to now occur. It’s now time that certain men authentically realize from the core of their beings that the ways in which they have looked at women has followed an agenda that oppresses women. These certain men may not even realize they are following this agenda. It’s been inbred in them and taken by them as part and parcel of the way life is. This just isn’t so.

There comes a time when oppression will no longer be tolerated because the spirit desires to be free to soar, to be, to express and to give of its nature.

This time is beginning to blossom now.

It may be very uncomfortable for a time. Sometimes, in order for us to hear a message, it has to be broadcast very very loudly. 

This message is being broadcast now. The seeds have sprouted and the flower wants to grow. It must. 

The female frequency/feminine energies are finding their way out from under the cloaking it has endured for so long a time. If we allow it to flow and express itself creatively, I’m absolutely certain the world will be better for it.