Think For Yourself. Smash Dogmas. Be Sovereign.

Empowered woman walks in the desert wearing a shirt that says, "The Future Is Then, the Future Is Now"

I was raised believing in allopathic medicine. My mom gave me pills whenever I didn’t feel well and we made annual treks to the doctor's office. We put our doctors on pedestals. They were our saviors and heroes. Once I reached my 30s, my whole viewpoint on medicine and doctoring changed. I haven’t been to a doctor other than a dentist in decades. Because of the way I live, I haven’t needed to. I take no medicine of any kind and people my age and even younger are always shocked about that. I feel great every day and physical challenges most people in my age group develop are foreign to me. I live a holistic life and if I need to I visit holistic healthcare practitioners, but even this is not uncommon for me.

I was raised on a meat and potatoes diet. We never read labels on what we bought to eat. Growing up, we shopped for what was trending and according to taste and nothing more. I’ve been a vegan for 20 plus years now

I always believed I’d be giving birth to my child in the hospital. My mom always told glowing stories about her OB-GYN and how he helped her to feel as little as possible during birth. Well before I conceived a child, my beliefs about childbirthing drastically shifted. I gave birth to my son naturally and at home and without any drugs to mitigate the pangs of childbirth.

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I was raised a staunch Catholic and I mean staunch. I attended Catholic grade school, high school and college. I was a flower girl during the crowning of the blessed Virgin Mary during the month of May and I won the religion award at my high school graduation baccalaureate ceremony. Everyone was sure I was going to be a nun. I prayed the prayers and followed the practices, especially the one called guilt. In my late 20s, I began questioning the dogma of religions, especially Catholicism. I stopped going to Mass and practicing the faith and I never felt guilty about it. 

When I was younger I was sure that any child I would ever raise would most definitely attend private school for the best education possible. I ended up home schooling my son with other mothers like me.

I worked in the corporate world for a number of years out of college. I came to realize I prefer to be my own boss and I’ve been self-employed for 20 years now. Not only that, I only do work that is alignment with my core values and beliefs.

So why am I telling you all this?

I share all of this only to demonstrate that most of us live in cages someone else has built for us, but we also have the ability to break out of them. If we can be kept in cages, we can be controlled. We can be controlled to produce what the people in power want us to produce: the products we make or service we give in our jobs and careers, sickness and the need for allopathic medicine and dumbing down drugs, robot children who are glued to the television as they receive further internal programming and control, the absence of truly feeling the pangs of childbirth, the lack of the real abundance we are meant to manifest.

Like automatons, most of us do not truly know how to think for ourselves. We put celebrities on pedestals that we look up to as if we ourselves are nobody at all. We assume that because someone holds the title and position of pope or president, they are automatically entitled to our admiration. We buy other peoples’ and organizations’ belief systems and then wonder why we feel so trapped so unhappy. We live in fear of loss of all kinds.

These are all learned behaviors, behaviors programmed into us from birth.  The beautiful thing is we actually really do have intellects and feeling souls and free will. When we begin questioning our lives and the way we live them we start to see that there is so much more to life than ever we thought. We begin to venture into new and exciting, fulfilling territory. We find that when we make a shift in attitudes and beliefs, we feel free which is all any of us have ever wanted.

We smash the old dogmas of our lives and discover we’re still alive. Not only that, we’re living well!

Through our discernment...

by questioning everything...

and by establishing clear boundaries over which controllers on all levels and energy vampires cannot cross,

we discover what it means to be sovereign entities.

And for this world to continue to uplift, evolve and transform itself it’s going to need as many sovereign beings inhabiting it as possible.

Free thinkers. Dogma smashers. Outrageous creators. That’s us.

Question. Feel things through and trust your feelings. Break free. Be who you are.


Photo by Tyler Nix at Unsplash