A Technique for Putting Bad Traumatic Memories to Rest

Metaphorical bad memory bubbles waiting to be bursted

If you’re anything like me, you may have some bad or traumatic memories that keep resurfacing for you and which you’d like to finally put to rest. The memories will always be there, we know, but we can free ourselves from them incessantly arising in our consciousness. We can achieve a welcomed rest from overthinking and having our emotions all stirred up and truly moving forward in our lives.

After all, our eyes only look in one direction–forward. That's a kind of signal, don't you think? What’s done is done. We must accept that sometimes we make decisions in life and then we must live with them whether we view them as errors or not. The thing is, no decision is a bad or wrong decision. Every decision has purpose and an eventual good outcome.

Every moment in time is recorded in our souls and in our DNA. This memory bank is flawless in its function but our ego minds use those bad memories, the memories that in our perception depict our past mistakes, and dredge them up for us over and over again so we can agonize over them thereby creating more fuel for the ego mind and negative forces. This is not to mention the damage that dwelling on these memories does to us personally if we continue to engage and participate.

I’m not saying that when bad things happen, just ignore our part in them. We must honestly look to see what we have created and how we did so to the best of our ability. Hold it up in the light. Look at it from all angles. Give it awareness and then let it go. We’ve learned as much as we can from it for the time being and now it’s time to move on.

But do we move on? It’s a challenge, I know too well, to move on from many of those memories especially when our nature is one of excelling and doing things right. 

How do we move on when the memories float to the surface? Here’s a technique that came to me from within myself. It may work for you or it may give you an indication that you have a method for letting go within your own self just waiting to be discovered.

When the memory comes up that I’d like to really and truly let go, I immediately envision a very large bubble that represents the whole scene I was just remembering. Then I take my finger and poke it into the bubble to pop it and I watch the slimy substance fall right to the ground in a big splatter. It’s all broken up into too many little blobs to count and now it’s powerless.

One memory by one memory I do this. Over and done. I have to move on after all. I have a life and a purpose to forge. I can’t let those things hold me back and color my emotions and state of being any longer.

I may not fully understand why things happened as they did and it’s probably not necessary that I do right now anyway. I know that one day, some place, I will. But participating in dredged up bad memories can in no way bring me that understanding now. It's just never worked out that way.

Dwelling on old past stuff is dark, debilitating and destructive. I want to be the happy contented joyous being that I know inherently I am.

I’m using this bubble technique with great success and I know there’s an indigenous technique within you just waiting to be revealed and explored. And it doesn't mean that we'll arrive at only one way to do this. Just let your inner self guide you. Feel free to write me.

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash