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Forget "Norms." How About Seeking What's Just and for the Good of All?

Sameness keeps us comfortable but do we grow and evolve and live rewarding exciting lives in sameness? Is sameness actually a square, a box we choose to remain in for comfort’s sake? Comfort to a point is good, for sure. But living inside the comfortable square all the time literally boxes us in and keeps us from exploring what could be.

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20 Really Positive Outcomes of Our Current #SOTU

The state of the union (#SOTU) is in a very interesting, even promising place right now. Many may view our #SOTU as unacceptable, rife with scandal, preoccupied with materialism, demagogic, uncooperative and isolationist. When we look at what 'is,' and if we see it "through a glass darkly," there's a lot to be truly concerned about, yes. When we look at it from the inside out, however, it’s rich with golden opportunities for all of us.

We dare say our current world environment is inadvertently and unknowingly leading us right to where the most of "we" truly want to be as a compassionate nation with an agenda founded on striving for the good of all.

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