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Saying You're Woke Doesn't Mean You Are: The True Meaning of Wokeness

Woke. It’s a word so lavishly used these days that even the media uses it to describe certain people. Lots of people consider themselves woke, but let me tell you this. We are all far from it. Take a deliberate spiritual journey and I’ll show you woke – or the lack of it even when it’s your pursuit. In fact, the more you travel the path, the more you know how unwoke you still are. Most people have no idea of what it truly means to be awake. Read the rest of the story here…

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Going Beyond the Surface Meaning of Trust: What a Divination Card Layout Showed Me

I’ve always been attracted to divination. Most of the time, I seek divine counsel in meditation and I do my best to remain connected to infinite thought throughout the course of my days, but sometimes I may use a tool depending on how I feel. Divination can be done with a dowsing rod, a pendulum, by asking for wisdom and then opening a book to a spontaneously “guided” page, by consulting cards (cartomancy) or remote viewing, to name only a few. (The Paranormal Encyclopedia lists more than 100 known forms of divination.) I have a deck of cards I love to use most when the feeling urges—Ascended Master cards by Doreen Virtue. Last night’s card reading was so interesting for me I felt to share it with you for the profound unfolding lesson it presents on TRUST.

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How to Be a Clear Receptive and Empowered Starseed

Starseeds are legion, but so many people here do not even know that they are starseed. Starseeds take bodies just like everyone else. They take on forgetfulness–allowing the ego mind to obscure their true nature as ego does for everyone who incarnates here on earth. Starseeds must and want to be real and come to truths, awarenesses and awakenings just like everyone does here on the planet. Click on this story’s image to read the rest of the post.

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