Starseed: Are You?

A starseed goddess with cosmic rays all around her

We reincarnate into all kinds of lifetimes, most often over many thousands of years. So entrapped in fear, survival, jealousy and competition we have been since our very first lifetimes on Earth, reincarnation is one way we have chosen to learn all we must to finally realize we are Gods and step off the wheel of reincarnation.

You name it, we’ve chosen to live it. We’ve lived lives of creaturehood and debauchery, materialism, power over others, holiness and service, compassionate giving, conscious leadership, austerity and ascetism, control, selfishness, charity, ignorance and the pursuit of wisdom. And that’s the short list.

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Our chosen goal has always been to once again embrace our divine selves, immersed in pure unlimited Thought, part of the All that God Is. They are these incarnation experiences and the perfection and growth that will arise from them that will lead us back to the Source, sooner or later, according to our attitude and choice.

As a result, Earth has experienced enormous beauty and accomplishment and then there are the passages of history that are frightful and abhorrent. Some events have been so predatory, so contrary to what we know ourselves to truly be that they have had the potential to set our planet on a course for a great deal of destruction. And it is all observed by the omniscient, omnipresent ones who are our guardians from other dimensions and planes of existence. 

Just like in Star Trek, there truly does exist a “prime directive” which prohibits our all-knowing protectors beyond Earth from directly interfering with our planet’s internal development. They can only support us. They cannot interfere.

In the book, We, the Arcturians, by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich, these extraterrestrial entities share that they cannot interfere with the free will or decision-making process of anyone on Earth, but instead work to educate and help raise the vibratory frequency of all who choose to journey to an Earth that is in process of ascending to a new dimension.

In Barbara Marciniak’s, Bringers of the Dawn (really, a book about all of us as eventual bringers of the dawn), we learn of a group of enlightened beings who come to Earth to help us discover how to reach this new stage of evolution.

Able to see many courses of probabilities and consciously choosing to work from the inside, our guardians called on each other to come to Earth to be born just like any other divine soul inhabiting a human body, and as Dolores Cannon writes in The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, to “lose all conscious memory of who they once were and why they volunteered to be born here in the first place.”

Not all of them chose to incarnate into human bodies, of course, but enormous numbers did. Those who did not choose to incarnate, nevertheless remain in steadfast service to the brave ones who risk their memory of self to be in loving service to their brethren entrapped in blindness on planet Earth.

It takes traveling many thousands of wormholes to arrive at the starseed platform, and then the challenges starseeds experience once here can be enormous. They can become etherically or spiritually compromised so dense and rich with distractions Earth and the altered ego of the human entity are. The starborne entity is sometimes unable to recognize this, and just like anyone on this planet, has to go through some hard life lessons in order to wake up so they may fulfill their station on Earth. Starseeds can temporarily lose their way and present behaviors not becoming of who they are, but again, just as for anyone on this planet, we are given outrageous opportunities to redeem ourselves in every moment.

So we can see that starseeds have taken a big risk to come back here and they are well supported by their brethren from the other side of the Sun. This may involve some slaps upside the head to remind them, but when we look at the state of the world and we consider this mission, a few slaps are worth it if it means we ultimately hit the target. It isn’t glamorous to be a starseed. Starborne entities must live outside their comfort zones most of the time but it makes a starseed stronger and more able to assist Earth in her birthing process perhaps in many unique ways. 

Still, to truly assist, the starborne journey must be traveled in a state of joy. Realized starseeds create love and joy all around them. It’s how they best restructure, rebuild and regain themselves and the planet. Often, starseeds in their sense of duty, lose the joy that is inherent in all divine creatures and find themselves striving arduously to realize their birthright so that they may give outrageously to the planet. They lose their sense of devotion, it becomes duty, and joy is lost. And as we all know, starseed or not, no one can truly give from their hearts when they are not in joy. Time to press the reset button! Either the starseed will leave the planet or she will make slight adjustments in attitude that will result in an enormous and welcomed shift. The starseed entity has the complete right of choice in every moment. And this I know personally, because it happened to me.

In devotion, starseeds come here to help raise this planet to its innate stellar pure position of love, sharing and community, and in the most authentic way we can imagine–by taking the bodies of humans, by living as humans who may not yet realize they are divine beings and having to find their way out of the murky illusion of this planet, again just like everyone else.

I probably don’t have to tell you that the time has come for sleeping starseeds to wake up. Beloved Terra now requires all starseeds to help restore her to her true and pure self.

In Cannon’s The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, we learn that these starseeds do not remember their assignment and have a difficult time adjusting to chaotic Earth. Many become seduced by earth’s gross pleasures and distractions and become either conflicted or unable to find their way beyond them.

If you feel you are a starseed, you have memories embedded within you to be recalled. Your unique station on earth at this timing is encased within you for safe keeping if you don’t already remember it in whole or in part. 

Soon, we will begin a series of video therapies within the starseed articles we share in our magazine, radiant soul, available right here at this site that will be designed to bring your outrageous starseed vitality of self and memories to the surface. As awakening starseed, there will be far more to your life than you have so far imagined.

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