I'm Speaking Loudly and Clearly: What I Learned In a Recent Dream Experience

What I learned in a recent dream experience

What I learned in a recent dream experience

I’ve recently realized I’ve maybe not been loud enough and clear enough in my blog and social media posts. Sometimes, while we’re trying not to offend anyone and attract people to our message with honey rather than vinegar, we water down our message. It starts to not even look like what we wanted to say in the first place. In fact, the intended message might become totally misunderstood because it’s so sugar coated, it only carries a shadow of our original heart's message. From now on, it's gloves off. What I say or the way I say it might not be exactly politically correct but it won't be nasty. It will just be honest. I'll be shouting out–speaking loudly and clearly. 

I realized that I’ve not been loud and clear enough as a result of a powerful “dream” experience the other morning. An ascended master was asking me a question but I couldn’t make it out too clearly. I asked her to please speak more loudly and clearly because the words were coming out all jumbled in my perception. Can you believe that?! I was asking an ascended master to speak up?! Yikes. Oh well, we are all equals after all.

Anyway, when the entire experience was over and I woke up, and I’m telling you, wow, that was one outrageous but very foretelling dream, I immediately sat up in bed to get the meaning of each aspect of the dream, there were so many and I could feel that this dream was not at all to be passed over. It was a teaching.

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In that meditation/contemplation, I received that I myself am the one, and not the ascended master, who needs to get clearer. I myself am the one who needs to speak more loudly and clearly. I hear this happens a lot in dreams. We may perceive someone else in the dream when often they are merely our mirrors.

So after being blown away by everything that happened in the dream, this being one element, I contemplated it further in my late night meditation walk where I realized I’ve not been as clear as I could be with the messages I feel compelled to offer.

I can’t be concerned if someone will be offended. Heck, in today’s world, honestly, that’s going to happen no matter what you say.

I can’t be concerned that I might turn someone off or end up with a small audience. I just have to go with my full blown heart and say it straight.

This same ascended master from my dream once told me that in order to be heard at the level I wish to be heard, I must speak way louder and higher because most people are never quite going to hear you at the level you are actually speaking. 

When I ran my print magazine in Central Florida, I did that and ruffled a lot of feathers. I ended that magazine a few years ago and I guess I got out of practice!

It’s okay. I got  the lesson and the whole thing is one big learning. 

Speaking more loudly and clearly doesn’t mean we have to critique everyone else’s message. There seems to be an epidemic of that these days. It just means we say it and then let it lie to do its work and I know that can be challenging when people can be so cutting, judgmental and abusive.

Speaking truth is not the same as hurling insults and abuse.

The best and only way to deal with rock slingers is to strive to be the Christ or the Buddha to the fullest of our ability and deliver our message while not accepting any sticks and stones that might come back our way. If we don’t accept them, they must remain with the giver.

What I feel to be truth may not be the same as yours but no one has to fight over it. We can look at what each other has to say, examine it, and feel it it out. If after you have done all this with what I have to say, then please just move on and I will give you the same respect. 

Ultimately though, I’ve got to believe there is one truth about any given subject. Our planet isn’t exactly there yet but our ability to share what comes to us to share is part of the process of getting there some day. Hopefully, what we share isn’t off the top of our heads but comes from our feeling place, from the core of our hearts.

How beautiful it would be if all of us, young and old, men and women devoted ourselves wholly to Truth in all that we might do in our walking hours, whether working, eating, drinking, or playing till dissolution of the body makes us one with Truth?
— Mahatma Gandhi