Ring Your Bell... Forget Your Perfect Offering

Ring Your Bell... Forget Your Perfect Offering

This is the time of all possibility—this first week of the new year. It's always the time for all possibility because the masses are pushing energy of anticipation, creation, excitement, and yearning for the new and uncreated to this first week of the year so it can be a little more potent than usual. And with the new moon coming up this Saturday, the time of the month when we once again have a blank slate and energies are ripe for creation, energetically speaking this can be a powerful time for manifesting.

The phrase ‘all possibility’ is a big umbrella and if that phrase is overwhelming, simply choose the one thing that really rings your bell to focus on bringing into your life. When we do one thing and do it really well it leads to so many other gifts anyway.

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Cautionary note #1: Don’t let yourself get beat down when the first challenges to your manifesting come up. That’s just the way it is in the third dimensional plane of demonstration. You can give these challenges, these glitches, a nod and then move on. Just don’t let the negatives which happen even in the lives of the greatest spiritual masters drag you down. Instead of reacting, learn to pause and simply respond with that little nod I mentioned a second ago, and carry on.

Cautionary note #2: Learn to stop looking back over the past. It’s ingrained in us to do so from the moment we are born. It’s a psychological programming that keeps us in misery and suffering. Why do we keep looking back? It’s no longer real. They are merely memories now. They have no substance whatsoever.

It’s important to give our desires substance by taking action upon them. If we can’t bring ourselves to take some sort of action to their accomplishment then we’re honestly not that called to pursue them. If we’re not really feeling it, we must just stop saying that we want it because true desire for anything comes with zealous feeling and emotion. We need to get honest with ourselves.

It’s either that we’re just not feeling it or we have fear around the desire. And fear is only going to produce the very thing we don’t want. In this case, it’s just best to let this particular desire go until we can feel totally good about it. We really don’t want unwanted things in our lives.

One of the most beautiful pieces of poetry ever written are by Leonard Cohen and this stanza is absolutely apropos at this time:

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.

Here’s the thing. YOU are the bell. Ring it. Ring it loud. Don’t let the watered down version of yourself speak for you. Be all of you. Be all of you no matter what people around you do or say when they experience you.

Osho said this about it:

… There are many people in the world who have said right things but in such a lousy way that they don’t make any impact. Humanity needs people who are real fire and who can make them aflame. Certainly many enemies will be created but that does not count… I don’t care about the enemies because enemies disappear; they don’t make any impact on history. The impact that is made is made by friends. The friends of truth are the people who revolutionize, who change human beings for the better.

An ascended master once told me that the only way to get people to hear you is to speak much louder than the level at which people are able to hear. In this way, at least they will hear you where you want them to. She told me to be outrageous and controversial in order to be heard and certainly Osho lived his life that way, too.

Ring your bell and ring it loudly. Forget trying to make your offering perfect thus postponing giving what you have to offer this world. Just get going sharing your indigenous gifts. The beauty is in the imperfection of you which is ultimately oh, so perfect. This is how you and I will set this world alight!