How to Prevent Energy Vampirism

A dining table features a marble slab with a clip note that says, “I am light.”

On November 7, 2018, the day after the mid-term election, President Trump held a press conference. He came to the podium very sombre and made a number of equally sombre statements and then the whole conference largely devolved. Accusations and hostility colored the entire event and he demonstrated in living color a behavior we’re extremely wise to be aware of and prevent—energy vampirism.

I was struck later that day when a journalist present at the press conference reported that at first he was sullen, lacking energy, but soon became more and more animated as he continued to throw accusations and insults towards others.

Even in his sombre seemingly lower energy state Trump’s energy was more dominant than the energy of those in the room and when negative feelings arise within his ‘subjects’ he is able to feed on that negative energy. This gives him more energy and explains why he revs up as he goes along. And this is what the dark forces do. They create situations of power, control, incrimination, and malevolence in order to engender negative reactive emotions in others which they can feed off of.

Our president is not the only one who does this. Often it can be our own spouse or companion or child or even ourselves. We may not even be aware we are doing it or we may not even be aware we are experiencing it from another. In fact, this is not that well known a topic so most people fall prey.

If you spend time with someone and leave them feeling drained, physically and mentally fatigued, upset or depressed, you may well have spent time with an energy vampire. Some call them energy suckers.

I know a couple who fights and argues a lot. When I spend time with them, I feel drained and I’m not even the person who’s arguing. Their negative energy together becomes so powerful I become adversely affected if I do not prepare myself ahead of time. By preparing myself I mean making sure my energy is strong and dominant. This in turn means that I am aligned with my inner divine being.

This examples proves that you don’t even have to be the subject of the energy sucking. If you’re in the vicinity and you’re not consciously aware of your own energy, you can easily succumb to theirs.

Now this story’s tricky. I recently served a client who seemed on the surface to be bright, happy, positive and excited to be alive, but every time I had a meeting with her, I left feeling extremely tired and mentally low. I finally realized after having the same experience every time I spent time with her that she was an energy vampire. It taught me that we can’t go by what we see on the surface in another person. We have to both feel the person through and make sure our own energy is dominant. We may not always be able to feel the person through accurately enough so keeping our energy high and strong and dominant must always be our first priority.

Dominant doesn’t mean overpowering, manipulating or forceful. It simply means strong, in alignment with our inner divine being and intact.

I could list lots of other experiences in my life to prove energy vampirism—all the times when I encountered another person and felt worse afterwards. I’m also sure that there have been many times when others could have said the same about me!

In any event, the best option is always to remain aware of our own energy in any situation and to remain in our personal integrity by continually checking in with and attuning to our inner being. Awareness is key—of ourselves and those we encounter. Preparation is also key. Don’t leave home without it!

Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash