The Pendulum Swings for Balance: How the People of Texas Have Counterbalanced the Events of Charlottesville

A golden pointed pendulum against a pitch black background 

A golden pointed pendulum against a pitch black background 

I don’t have to tell anyone that one aspect of hurricane Harvey and his terrible wake of destruction is color, race, religion and political persuasion blindness. There’s something about catastrophic events. They just grab us in a way nothing else can. We come to ourselves and realize what’s really important in life. We let go of petty selfish agendas and just open hearts. We become who we are, at least for a time.

To know just how enormous the Charlottesville incident and politics surrounding it were, all we have to do is look at Texas right now. (When I say “Charlottesville,” it’s meant to encompass not just that weekend but all the related events of the weeks since.)

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I really get the feeling that the counterbalance to Charlottesville is the outpouring of selfless service, generosity, love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment that went immediately into action all over Texas. Yes, there are reports of looting and price gouging on products in short supply, but they're mostly drowned out by the acts of real, selfless heroism–stranger to stranger. 

What I find interesting, if not arresting, though, is that it seems to usually take this kind of monumental event for such a ray of light to pierce our wrangling social fabric. My prayer is that we will quickly learn not to wait for cataclysmic events before we open our hearts. We tend to put off being our real selves until we absolutely have to. Why is this?

I remember a close friendship I had for many years, several years ago. Periodically, my girlfriend and I would get into a fight. We’d let things build up and build up until finally, the bubble would burst. Even then, we couldn’t always come to harmony with each other and we would go into long periods of not speaking to each other. I’m talking many months and once as long as a year, each of us stubbornly thinking we were in the right.

I remember how much it bothered me and I wondered if we were going to have to wait for some catastrophe to happen before we would just lay everything down and love each other. Finally, I realized one of us was going to have to break the ice. I did it and it was easy. I just went to her and told her I loved her and did not want to live that way any longer. I admit, I had a glass of wine before I did it, though.

The point I’m making is we don’t have to always wait for the disaster to arrive before we open our hearts to each other. And we don’t have to know another’s political or religious views or sexual orientation before we recognize him as brother.

On a related note, the first responders in Texas are incredible. That goes without saying. They literally lay down their lives for others if need be. Equally as spectacular are the volunteer rescuers with their boats and trucks and strength and stamina. They are definitely earning vast amounts of merit to counteract negative karma they may be carrying.

They are true brothers and sisters. They show what it means to recognize that we are all one, all one family. And the beautiful part is it has been shown on television all over the world. I say this not to show off the human spirit in the U.S. The display on television shows us ALL, all over the world, WHO WE ARE. 

I literally bow to all the volunteer rescuers who are selflessly giving of their resources, their time and very lives. They are the absolute antithesis of the Neo-Nazi, KKK, white supremacists, and white nationalists we saw turn Charlottesville upside down. Thank you all for swinging the pendulum back in the other direction!

Finally, and so very importantly, if we can’t travel to Texas to assist over these many months, even years, of reconstruction not just of homes, but of hearts, minds, and psyches, we can program our bodies of light at night to go out and minister to those who have endured the challenge of their lifetime, with their permission first, of course.

Maybe even more than the physical cleanup, repair and reconstruction, their emotional and mental endurance are going to require support. We can send our bodies of light to embrace them, to nurture, soothe, calm, strengthen, support and love them. Consciously, they may not know how they are able to withstand the coming weeks and months. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do right here, right now and then we must not forget to continue this practice after a couple of weeks. Though what we give may be invisible, it can be very very powerful indeed!

Photo by Ben Ostrowsky on Unsplash