A Treasure Trove of "Moral" Guidance Not Outside But Within Us

A young man taking in nature's energies

A young man taking in nature's energies

We are capable of leading ourselves “morally.” In fact, we must go beyond morality.

The talk in the news is focusing a lot on our needing moral leadership right now. We’ve become accustomed to looking to others in “higher places” to lead and guide us “morally” when all the while the “higher place” is right within us.

We might not always have leadership in alignment with our personal platforms of love, kindness and acceptance but the only thing we have control of is ourselves anyway.

I often look at myself as the driver of a bus or the pilot of an aeroship. There’s nobody else driving or flying it. Nobody else but me.

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Would I want anyone else at the helm? No. It’s my life. I’m responsible for it and no one else. 

This isn’t to say I’m living on an island by myself, rejecting community, no, not at all. But I do know there are lots of other people like me and if each one of us connects with the higher place within us frequently throughout the day, we’re going to be just fine. It won’t matter what anyone else does or says. We’re going to be grounded and living in the peaceful, loving Truth.

Ultimately, we can hope for other people to change and shift to our way of thinking. It might happen. It might not. But that’s not the exercise, really, to engage in.

What’s wisest to engage in is the fullest becoming of ourselves. It’s all there right within us. We have only to unveil it, to allow it to step to the forefront of our being.

Morality implies judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. And we tend to use the concept of morality to make everything either black or white.

Killing, prejudice, slander, exclusion, hatred, violence, and fear are all very destructive and most of us will want to choose their opposites for sure. Those negative behaviors are not in the makeup of how we want our world to look at all.

If we were rooted in love and acceptance, we wouldn’t even need to fall back on determining morality. Morality wouldn’t be a necessary concept to ever entertain. It just wouldn’t enter our consciousness. 

But that’s where we have to go. That’s where the events of this week are ultimately taking us—to a world where policing and regulating are unnecessary because everybody gets who they are—sons and daughters of the Divine who act like it.

It’s not for us to judge. Judging keeps us bound up in negative energy. It can propel us into a destructive energetic spiral that becomes more and more challenging to extricate ourselves from.  

We must do our best, make it our practice until it becomes natural and almost automatic, to simply observe (and observe well), learn and make the positive, productive changes that are begging to be made.

We look too much outside of ourselves for everything when we possess a treasure trove of guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and leadership right within us.

Sometimes things happen expressly to teach and point us to where we really need to go. Until we learn to learn proactively without needing these destructive lessons, these events may continue to happen but hopefully, with less frequency as we learn, transform and unveil our most true nature!

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash