Don’t Try to Make Me Take On Your Beliefs: How Mandating or Shaming Others to Adopt A Belief System They Don’t Feel Is Destructive to Our Societal and Spiritual Fabric

Don’t Try to Make Me Take On Your Beliefs: How Mandating or Shaming Others to Adopt A Belief System They Don’t Feel Is Destructive to Our Societal and Spiritual Fabric

Don’t Try to Make Me Take On Your Beliefs: How Mandating or Shaming Others to Adopt A Belief System They Don’t Feel Is Destructive to Our Societal and Spiritual Fabric

Whoopi Goldberg says it often on ABC’s The View. We are all free to adopt whatever beliefs we choose. If you don’t believe in or like what the person next to you is doing, then don’t do it yourself. Just don’t try to mandate how your neighbor should believe. Here’s my addition: Just go on and live your best life and stop trying to force feed your belief system into other people. You can offer what you believe to be true or right but it needs to stop at the offering. If your neighbor chooses not to accept your gift, then let it go.

I know that religious groups get worked up about certain issues like abortion, for example. They see it as murder and want to mandate its abolition by reversing established law. They may not be looking at what’s behind this belief, what or who is fueling it and how they came to accept it as a belief.

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Both sides of the issue would better serve us all to dialogue about it, presenting any facts, science and feelings they may have to support their posture. Perhaps if a real open back-and-forth dialogue occurred, both sides might learn, grow and perhaps even modify their beliefs on their own. Solutions for the issues as well as truly beneficial workarounds would probably arise as a result of the discourse.

Instead, we have two sides yelling at each other, calling each other names and closed to the possibility of taking in new knowledge or perspectives.

If we mandate human behavior and choices, those forced to follow mandates they don’t believe in may very well look for ways to circumvent them. Because it will never sit right with them, destructive negative emotions could arise that will spill out into society causing unrest and maybe even worse.

Besides, how does anyone really really know their posture is the way and the truth? Is it because someone high up in the hierarchy said it’s so? From where do they get their information? We may have taken these beliefs on from others without questioning or truly feeling them out for ourselves. Do we blindly assume because someone is the pope, the leader of a church or a high government official that he or she knows what is right for us?

That’s the beauty of life on this planet. We are all so very unique, each of us with our own individual evolution to tend to. We each must be allowed to do so. In the beginning and the end, we are sovereign beings.

I understand we must have laws otherwise there will be anarchy. This is what we all believe, but there’s another way to look at that too. If we were more fully evolved beings, we wouldn’t even need the laws. We would live lives of mutual love, honor and respect and laws would become a no-thing. That is in our future.

For now, we must have a certain structure. I get it. We just have to be prudent with how far we go otherwise we turn into a regime—the stifling, choking, rigid kind that most of us here never want to participate in. At that point, we might as well be in prison.

We all live in a creative universe. Anything we focus on we create in our lives. We are totally responsible for the way our lives look. I know that sounds difficult to accept as truth. I have found it to be not only true—it is universal irrefutable law. Further, we create through the filters of our beliefs.

The highly evolved beings, the Pleidians, say this through their oracle, Barbara Marciniak:

The minute you stop believing in something is the minute it is no longer your reality.

We really need to pause and contemplate this. If we do, we will see all the examples in our lives where this plays out. We will find all the proof we need.

If we see something in our world we don’t like and want to change, we must begin by making a change within ourselves. We must create and expand the desire and the vision of what we want—even the things we’d like to mandate globally so that we can feel comfortable within our own system of beliefs.

We don’t have to fight for anything. Fighting and struggling is the really hard way to go. We don’t usually step out of that paradigm because we’re so used to fighting and naturally aren’t sure the other way will work. But it will work.

Beliefs are simply thoughts we think about all the time. You are entitled to your beliefs as I am entitled to mine. They are personal. They are creative forces. Just as you wouldn’t want me to push my creative thoughts upon you (and I don’t push them on you here at this website—I merely offer my ideas for you to review and accept or not, without attachment), I will not force my beliefs on you.

When we can live at ease, detaching from the need to have others adopt our personal agendas and beliefs, the pendulum will come to rest more in the center rather than swing so wildly from left to right.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash