The Magnificent Gifts of Aloneness and Meditation

The Magnificent Gifts of Aloneness and Meditation

When you feel alone, look to nature and the skies. When you feel alone, look within. There are great companions waiting for you in both places.

Meditation will be your greatest friend. There you will come to know the Oversoul of your being and you will become intimately acquainted with your great Self. You will realize the greatest companionship you could ever have—the one you have with yourself. You will know love—love of yourself, true true love.

In meditation you will see and hear and feel the answers to questions that have been mysteries to you until now. You will fly. You will be confronted with truth. You will float in the void. You will be rewarded with knowledge and wisdom that cannot be found in books. You will meet your guides and dialogue with them. You will feel the safety and the magnanimous nature of the Oversoul that contains you. You will learn to be an ocean of receptivity. You will become acquainted with the foreverness of your being. You will know that you are God. 

The practice of meditation will assist you to be an excellent and clear receiver of communication from the nonphysical realm. In fact, you will get so good at it you will be able to dialogue with your guides and Oversoul at will throughout the day. You will remember your dreams more and the profound lessons and messages they offer. Though you may be alone, you will rarely feel lonely.

Looking to nature and the skies, too, will embrace you with a knowing and a realization of oneness with all you couldn’t claim before. The more often you step out into nature—even if it’s just in your neighborhood in the quiet night, the more the flora and fauna will recognize and uplift you.

The baby toads will hop alongside you and their parents will sing to you in chorus offering you tones for your healing and upliftment. The plants will release their pungent fragrance as you walk by them. Animal offerings will be mysteriously left at your doorstep. The trees will give your their great energy as you appreciate their majesty. They will drop giant stored raindrops on your forehead as if to anoint you. The white clouds set against the slate blue night sky will form images that whisper great messages to you. Breezes will come up out of nowhere to cleanse your auric field and to kiss you. You will admire the beautiful silvery moon and stars and you will feel it as they all appreciate your appreciation.

And in the midst of it all you will hear your ancestors’ and spirit guides’ voices, and you will meet with friends and your simultaneous selves in faraway places and dimensions.

You will realize that the experience of nature of which you are an intrinsic part is itself a form of meditation. In this meditation called being in nature, you will feel your guides. You will feel God itself. You will realize that there is a legion of entities in the nonphysical all in place to assist you, counsel you, guide you, point you in the right direction, and buoy you when you feel down.

Invite it all in. Allow those who are dedicated to you in love divine to add to your life. This cohort includes the God you are. You and they are really not separate. We are all one and although this may sound trite and you’ve heard that phrase a thousand times, you will come to know it as intimate truth.

Open your arms and take everything in and then open them some more. Allow yourself the experience you are meant to have—the experience of knowing and loving your Self where there can be no loneliness, just the understanding of what it means to be alone.

Are we really alone after all?


Photo by Idy Tanndy at Pexels