Kim Jung Un Needs a Whole Lot of Love (Among Others)

A lit white candle glows and peers out of the heart-shaped window in a metal locked box

A lit white candle glows and peers out of the heart-shaped window in a metal locked box

I’m not quite sure why everybody thinks things can change as we deal with them on the level of the mundane. It’s what we’ve been doing for thousands of years and you’d think we would have learned by now. In our attempts to make the world go right, we legislate, executive order, ignore, patch up, do battle, adjudicate, protest, fight, argue or outright refuse to see ourselves and the big part we all play in the arenas evoking drama and worry in our lives.

Most people don’t want to hear what the real cure is. They don’t want to believe that the real cure is intangible or that it’s not any of those actions mentioned above. In our humanness, we allow ourselves to get stuck in these patterns of behavior. We tend to take the temporary reprieves we experience when legislating, battling, or protesting as remedies, but eventually the same or similar issue arises again, therefore a cure never really occurred, at least not fully.

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People like Kim Jung Un, aside from possibly being groomed to be who he is today, need love. I really think this man needs a whole lot of love. ISIS people need a whole lot of love.

I also believe that people who perpetrate evil somewhere along the way had their auric fields compromised enough to allow attached entities* into their energetic sphere. Attached entities can rule a person, directing him or her to do very hurtful things keeping their host in the darkness as they ride along like parasites.

People like Kim Jung Un must be in fear. Fear could be the only thing prompting him to run his nation the way he does and to threaten other nations with his man-made might. Someone living in a culture of love would never rule with such an iron fist and from a platform of fear itself.

Someone living in a culture of love would never look at laws as purely black and white and use the legal argument to kick young people out of a country. Someone living in a culture of love would never mow other human beings down on the street with a heavy vehicle.

Love is the great healer. We ourselves may not know what to do but love always knows what to do. 

I’ve got to believe that if love were showered and showered on Kim Jung Un, even from a distance, he would soften, even literally change his mind. Imagine if masses of people just sent love his way!

For healing to occur, though, it must be a pure love sent without attachment and without agenda.

Our only agenda need be love–in this and in all things.

I think we use the word love so carelessly, so flippantly all the while not even really understanding what love really is. We conveniently sprinkle our verbiage with it but we don’t always live what we preach.

In the end, we can keep putting bandaids on situations and events in our lives but we must never expect the wounds and the hurts to be fully cured unless and until we pour the light of love into them.

And if we make all our decisions from a point of true, pure love, how can we ever go wrong?

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash