How To Express Your Own Indigenous Self in Sacred Ritual

Wood, an amethyst crystal, a burning candle and tea gathered together for sacred ritual

On July 31, 2018, I wrote a blog post about a sacred moon ritual I entered into and the wonderful spontaneous experience I had diving deeper into myself. Through the years I have dipped into the sacred ritual experience now and again but since that night in July, sacred ritual has taken a more auspicious role in my life. It can be a high vibrational practice to assist you to make desired shifts in your life and to occasionally, hopefully more often than not, get more than a glimpse of your true Self.

What is wonderful about ritual like this is that it is a form of prayer. It assists us to bypass the logical ego mind and to become centered in our hearts and more connected to divine consciousness.

Rituals like these can be performed in groups or by ourselves, but in both cases we must always be sure to invoke our divine protection first and call in our spirit guides and ancestors to join us and blend their energies with ours.

Ritual can become a vehicle or catalyst for raising our vibratory frequency which translates into higher conscious awareness. Sometimes we have emotions buried deep within us that are waiting to be released by expressing them. Ritual can help us to do that. If we are having challenges dealing with traumas and hurts in a constructive manner, ritual can be the instrument for assisting us to become equanimous with them.

What I love about sacred ritual and what I expressed in my former blog post is that sometimes, maybe even often, we come face to face with our true Selves. Along with this, we may encounter our indigenous archetype during the sacred rites we perform.

Sacred rituals can take place in the short span of a few moments or go longer according to our will and design. The moon ritual I referenced on July 31 actually spanned several weeks by my intention in part and active engagement in the other part.

To perform rites is not magic and it must never be used to try to manipulate anyone or anything. As we bring our intention in to the ceremony for whatever outcome we desire we must always be mindful that the highest divine truth be manifest. They are portals for our creative expression. You can follow what someone else prescribes for practicing a rite, but you have within you the ability to express yourself in the perfect way that only you can. Just allow it to flow. Give yourself the space and permission to be YOU.

Sacred rituals can involve all sorts of symbolic action ‘instruments’ in their practice.

  • The incantation of mantras, toning, singing, playing music, and creating sound.

  • Sacred geometry forms and symbologies such as mandalas and platonic solids can help create alignments with higher vibratory frequencies.

  • The five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water are so often integral to the sacred rite, especially fire.

    • Candles and fires are potent energy creators and protectors.

    • Crystals being part of the five elements can be added blessings to our rites.

  • Flowers and plants can be significant instruments of these holy ceremonies. I remember a night many years ago with girlfriend goddesses and gladiola flowers as we invoked healing and my friend lightly struck our bodies with the glads. Live flowers and plants radiate high healing frequencies.

  • Tea or various foods like fruits, nuts and seeds may be apropos.

  • We may find that poetry, and spoken prayer work for us or the powerful decrees that spontaneously arise from the Lord God-Goddesses of our beings.

  • We may feel to utilize colors and art somehow in our rites as we allow ancestral, even mythological, memory to come front and center.

  • Mudras (colloquially, yoga for the hands where formations with the fingers are intended to bring desired results and vibratory alignments) and certain yoga asanas (postures) may be what comes to us to bring into the ceremony.

  • We may make offerings in our rites. These can be offerings of food or pledges of selfless service.

  • We may feel to incorporate astrology, stellar and lunar.

Our purposes for sacred ritual can be many.

  • Cleansing: to purify our auric fields and our bodies.

  • Wisdom: to garner unlimited divine wisdom and knowledge.

  • Creation: for manifesting and conjuring desired experiences and conditions in our lives; birthing a new healthy baby or an abundance of enriching companionships are two examples.

  • Devotion: to express our love for the Divine–God, life, people, light, the flora and fauna, all of creation.

  • Rites of Passage: to usher ourselves through a ‘wormhole’ or across a ‘bridge’ leading to a higher expression of ourselves.

  • Memorial/Anchoring in the Energies: to utilize and ground the energies of the season or an auspicious date.

A sacred ritual can be performed with the following intentions in mind however its purposes are limited only to your indigenous creative expression.

  • Lighting a prayer candle. It may only span a half minute’s time but it’s a ritual nevertheless.

  • Sacred Ceremony. When we ingest “medicine” like cannabis or mushrooms, for example, it’s beautiful to precede this action with a prayerful and intention-based ritual and then to know the whole Ceremony is itself a ritual.

  • New and full moon creation/manifestation. See my blog post of July 31, 2018.

  • Purifying home and auric field.

  • Self-healing. Let the Lord God-Goddess of your being tell you what to do.

  • Creating your altar. Always have a devotional altar in your home. Setting up your altar is itself a sacred ritual.

  • Preparation for any life event. Much like “Sacred Ceremony” above, we can let the practice of a rite create an ambiance of preparation for an upcoming experience and a vibratory shift into positive emotions.

Remember, you can follow someone else’s ritual but I’d be careful with that. If you go looking on the internet or if you want to seek a teacher, you must always be able to discern the dark from the light, the authentic from the imposters. You want to be prudent with your energy field and your entire being by keeping it safe and protected always. What really is best is to allow yourself to evolve into your own indigenous sacred ritual practice summoned from the Lord of your very own being.

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash