How to Be a Clear Receptive and Empowered Starseed

A young starseed woman in her empowerment

Starseeds are legion, but so many people here do not even know that they are starseed. Starseeds take bodies just like everyone else. They take on forgetfulness–allowing the ego mind to obscure their true nature as ego does for everyone who incarnates here on earth. Starseeds must and want to be real and come to truths, awarenesses and awakenings just like everyone does here on the planet. That's how they can be of the most authentic service to all and it’s the way it works here. Starseeds aren't special and they aren't excused from the third dimensional program. The plan of starseeds is, in time, to remember and wake up to their unlimitedness and mission of being the very best and most of what they are in order that current consciousness here on earth be uplifted and evolved into dimensions beyond the third.

Why many starseeds cannot or do not remember their nature is really obvious. The third dimensional world here offers so many seductions, obstacles and impediments to seeing, feeling and perceiving clearly. These can be traps a person might never get out of if we don’t realize them for what they are.

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Food, drugs, alcohol, creaturehood sex, abuse, poverty, riches, possession, power, fear, anger, expectations, demands, rules, dogmas—all these coalesce to create a murky dense habitat for anyone on planet earth to try to rise above. Starseeds often, too, get caught up in it, so caught up they can’t notice the pointers directing them to "the way."

But if you’re reading this article, this may mean that you've recognized a pointer. I'm sure it's one of many and I encourage you to remain in that flow. But how do we continue on, realizing we are starseed, if we don’t have a clue as to what to do next? Here are some additional pointers...

  • Make sure you are meditating every day for the length of time that feels right for you. Don’t overwork it or overthink it. The key is simply to allow. Allow yourself to become an ocean of serenity in meditation and you may be amazed at what comes to you. Messages, portents, lucid dreams, synchronistic occurrences—all these will unfold for you.
  • Consciously open yourself to receive the messages from your inner being, the Overlord of your being, and your spirit guides and ancestors. You can read books and articles, go to seminars and webinars, yes, but you must also and equally go direct for your guidance and wisdom. Starseeds do not wish to be spoon fed all the time. They are empowered beings capable and desirous of being the wisdom they seek.
  • Keep your energies and auric field clear and undefiled. You do this by your intent and also by more tangible actions like gonging, drumming, saging, feathering and sounding a bell in your auric field. You also do this by not ever compromising your personal integrity. Don’t just go with the crowd when you don’t feel it. Don’t acquiesce to anything that doesn’t feel right. This is how we can get holes in our auras and those holes allow destructive dark energies in.
  • Begin every single day with conscious intention of what your day shall be about, who you are and what contribution you are making to the world today. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking. The simplest of gifts are the most lovely. By doing this every day, you will find your life unfolds magically for you and in just the way you want it, more and more day by day. Starseeds must be aware, awake, deliberate creators.
  • Always entertain the possibility that you are forever, limitless, and totally powerful. Starseeds understand that they create their reality 100%. This is a very empowering thing when you stop and contemplate it. Starseeds also realize themselves as divine therefore we are omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, but we will never fully realize this birthright if we do not begin and then continue to entertain these statements as truths of our beings.
  • Very frequently attune yourself–from the indigo crystal heart within you and with all the feeling you can muster within your being– to the frequency of all that you desire in order to bring it into existence for you. This can be a soulular connection with someone, a twin flame, on the other side of the planet or the sun or it can be your ability to bifocate and show up in another physical location. Think of attuning yourself to frequencies like tuning in to a radio station. You have to get the dial just right for the best reception. And how we tune our dials is with depth of feeling and focus. 

Whether you feel you are a starseed, a saint, a lightworker, a healer, an indigo–we are all capable of all of this. We are all gods and goddesses. The world needs us to be our very highest and our very best right now and for always.

Photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash