How Sacred Ritual Has the Potential to Reveal to Us Our True Selves

The moonflower (aka morning glory) which opens at dusk in anticipation of the moonlight and closes at the midday sun

The moonflower (aka morning glory) which opens at dusk in anticipation of the moonlight and closes at the midday sun

I was recently reminded of a powerful moon rite. When I performed it on the new and full moons and during the time in between, I didn’t realize I would garner gifts from the practice more than I ever intended. Not only did I enjoy this simple “creation rite,"  the great being within me spontaneously and magnificently took the helm on the new moon creation night. It was on that night that I realized just how much ritual has the potential to reveal to us our true Selves. What follows is my account of this outrageous experience.

The moon is the yin to the sun’s yang. In fact, yin is nearly synonymous with the feminine and the moon. Both sun and moon are creative each in their own ways and we can utilize their potent energies in our indigenous rituals, too. 

I use the word indigenous to describe our rituals because there is no one way to do anything. How limiting a life, a world, a universe, a God that would be! Religious traditions teach and pass on all kinds of sacred rituals and in the beginning, as we are learning, it’s probably wise to embrace and practice them. It may be even wiser to perform the rituals we resonate with. It makes no sense at all to perform sacred rituals of creation that we do not feel aligned with. To just go through the motions when our inner being is telling us otherwise is a compromise to our personal integrity. No fruit can come of that emotionless ritual.

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The ritual I’m about to share along with what happened to me may work very well for you. I just want you to keep in mind, you may have your own spin on it or you may remember or create another ritual altogether that is unique to you. Again, there is no one way to do anything. Go with what comes up for you because we are all so very unique. Don’t overdo it. Practice ritual when it comes up for you organically—when you receive a signal from within. (If you aren’t sure how to connect with your own indigenousness ways, write me and I’ll send you some insights that may assist you.)

Just after a full moon, place a notebook outside to absorb the energies of the moon and keep it outside, day and night, during the two weeks leading up to the new moon. Make an intention prayer for the energies to be absorbed into the pages. Even if the moon is not visible to you at any point, continue to keep the notebook outside. 

On the night of the new moon* when the sky is completely dark and only the stars are visible, write the new creations you would love to have manifest in your life in this notebook and make a prayer of intent that the moon’s rays and your intentions be fruitful. Call in the elements of earth, air, fire, water and love to coalesce to form these creations. Summon these forces and the force within you right from the Lord God Goddess of your being to collaborate in the arrangement of energies to bring all these things to manifestation.

The notebook remains outside for the two weeks leading up to the full moon and all the while you are knowing that these desires are taking shape in your life either completely or to some significant degree.

It may happen for you (or it may not, no worries) as it happened for me that on making my invocations that new moon night, the being within took over and my prayers and decrees became something ‘other.’ As my true Self spontaneously stepped forward, I intimately experienced the power of the goddess and the power of my goddess. I saw an aspect of myself I had not exactly seen before and it was magnificent. It was so lovely I can hardly express in words the richness of the experience. It took me into a vortex of learning and realizing that night that I would not have gained otherwise. I came face to face with my Self, the divine Self and I moved through the night as that divine person.

This is the night I really came to know how important the practice of ritual is to the knowing of ourselves, as long as we are well connected and aligned with the sacred ritual we are performing. They help connect us with our Selves. They are vehicles for the empowerment we seek and we so passionately desire. They are conduits for creativity and the manifestation of all that is possible. 

I wish for the grand experience of yourSelf through your own creative ritual practice.


Photo by nanseaj at Pixabay

* the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth or shortly thereafter when it appears as a slender crescent