Breaking Free of Herd Consciousness: How Our Awareness of Programming Helps Us to Step Out of Limiting Boxes

A woman floating free in the air

We’ve got to break out of our herd consciousness. Most people are going through their days and nights by rote, repeating the same actions, habits and routines day by day by day. We’ve become so accustomed to it that we no longer question it. Like automatons we mostly just go through the motions day in and day out. Is this productive? Who is gaining from it? Are we? Or are those who created the programs the ones who are gaining the most? I’m sure this is so.

The repetition of routine causes us to feel safe and secure and routine certainly has its place. It’s when there is only routine and no room for creativity, room to truly spread our wings and fly or to question or have other convictions that routine becomes stifling and something else altogether. It’s when we never venture beyond our habits and norms that we become stagnant in our growth or at least we have slowed it down. In fact, stagnancy itself is a life lesson. We learn even from our stagnancy.

“Do it this way.” “Do it that way.” “This is better for you to eat than that.” “That food will harm you.” “Don’t run.” “This is the way we’ve always done it.” 

The world is rife with warnings and admonitions like that. You can go crazy trying to make order and sense of it all. In fact, very often we find that two opposing beliefs seem to both be true and we wrestle with this cognitive dissonance while our mind gets boggled.

Without a more elevated consciousness that points the way out of this programmed monotony, we are in prisons. These prisons are blocks or cubes of programming invisible to the naked eye but very much existent and serving as containers to hold us.yz

We’re boxed in and pent up. 

Our role models, leaders, corporations, religions, spiritual groups and organizations all play into the limitation of consciousness and so that we can feel like we belong which is a basic human need, we feed right into it. And that’s how the ones at the top who are running things like it—for purposes of power, money and prestige.

Most groups mean well but when humans and their egos get involved which is almost always inevitable, everything gets messed up. What began as a pure free-spirited intent and purpose morphs over time and then the groups fall prey to rigid rules, dictates, expectations and judgments, and very often, corruption. What was once beautiful becomes a drudgery and a source of constant angst and misery. Again, all is not lost! We learn so much from it—what we desire and what we don’t desire. And by the way, since I stepped outside of the group's strictures, I'm soaring!

We’ve got to break free of the herd consciousness. If it doesn't feel good to us, that's a pointer from our souls. Our souls are telling us to go in a new direction. It's also a good sign that at least we can feel something's not right. Not always do we feel. Sometimes we get so programmed and so driven by fear, we go numb. We can't feel anything. When that occurs, take it as a serious sign that breaking free is needed.

In the end, when it doesn't feel right, we have to go inside to our Selves to know what to do and what to believe. We know there's something more, something fluid and flowing, expansive and free. It's there where it begins. 

Question everything also. This is key. Don't assume the information you're getting is infallible or accurate becomes it comes from a source that most have determined for you is high or incorruptible. Feel it through. Make up your mind for yourself. Be the sovereign being you are meant to be.

Although we are all so similar, we are at once each so very unique. What may come up right for me as a lifestyle appropriate choice, for example, may not be at all right for you. And that’s what makes the world so beautiful—as long as we can accept each other with open minds and hearts.

And should most of us break free of this programming it wouldn’t even end up in the chaos we all think would happen. People would be at ease, relaxed, happy and in the flow of life and living.

This ease of life would ripple out to others more and more every day. It would continue to expand itself, if only we would allow it, and the world would just take care of itself. We’d be living our best lives on the planet we’ve always dreamed of.

Today, begin changing things up. I like to have dinner when I feel like it and to eat what I feel to eat and not what someone advises I should. (Mind you, this doesn't mean I go crazy eating everything under the sun!) Lately, everything’s been tasting so much better!

I exercise at all different times of day. Some days I get up early and other days not so early. I find ways to mix up my schedule and make myself free to explore what more there is for me to encounter—even in what seems to be mundane and the same.

We can all find ways to start breaking free of herd consciousness and following other peoples’ agendas. It can start with the littlest ways, the ways that seem inconspicuous. It’s a good start. Like attracts like. Eventually, we’ll be flying high free or flowing like a river from the construct of regimented third dimensional life!

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash