Our Hands Were Made Not Just for Creating But For Healing

A mother’s hand holds a wounded bird while the a child stokes the bird’s neck

A mother’s hand holds a wounded bird while the a child stokes the bird’s neck

Our hands were made not just for creating but healing. We instinctively know this. It’s why whenever we or someone else gets hurt we place our hands on the wound without even thinking. The warmth and strength we sense from our hands can be soothing, yes, but there is something far more spectacular going on—light from within our beings is being transmitted to the hurt or ailing spot. The light constantly pulses through our bodies and is always available to us yet we rarely use it or even realize it exists.

If God is light, and I think we can all accept that this is so, then we, as divine creations spun off from that Great Central Soul, are light as well. Once we acknowledge this truth we can begin to explore how to weave our light throughout our lives and throughout all of creation. That’s what we are actually here to do!

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This light exists within every cell of our bodies and it extends outward into our auras. Many of us don’t see our auric fields for a number of reasons. We either don’t chose to believe they exist or we haven’t yet developed enough of our innate faculty to see and feel them. That will come with desire and intention.

We can use the light within us not just through our hands although our hands are most obvious channels for passing the light. We can actually help release attached entities (who have not found their way to the light) from ourselves or others. With our hands of light we can dislodge and dispel densities from emotional traumas that have become lodged in the body or the auric field and refill the area with light for healing.

We can radiate light from our heart centers. When we pray or make decrees for what we desire, we can send light behind the prayers to propel their energy into fruition.

By clapping our hands with one sincere and powerful clap we can send energy behind an intention or desire. It’s our way of saying, “It is so!” and causing it into existence.

We can intend to spread a wake of light after us wherever we go knowing that particles of light we emanate will uplift all those we come into contact with who accept it according to their highest divine truth.

We can infuse the food we eat with light by our knowing and intention making that food full of the nutrition it may be missing.

Engaging in tantric spiritual lovemaking generates light as waves of light particles spin through and off our bodies.

We emit rays of light through the eyes when we smile. Always smile with your eyes and heart.

And when we do all these things consciously knowing that light is being discharged for the good of the ones we are with or for our own good or for the good of the planet, the light is much greater and stronger.

Always remember to use your very own hands of light to offer healing assistance to others–with their permission–and equally so to yourself. Rather than solely relying on allopathic medicine or even holistic therapies offered by practitioners outside of yourself, begin awakening to the healing power within you. This is where we must immediately go before we so readily give our power away.

We actually aren’t born here totally helpless. We just have to realize our innate powers.