The Gifts that Mean the Most During the Holiday Season

A red Christmas ornament and golden candles superimposed over a wooden wall

Whatever we may think of commercialized holidays, as in all things that might seem unpleasant, there is a beautiful silver lining in each of them if we allow ourselves to see, feel and learn from them. Let’s look at the silver lining of the commercial holiday season.

At this time of year, there’s a lot of giving going on, and a lot of caring and loving, too.

Unexpected gifts are given, thoughtfulness occurs more often and so do smiles. Abundance is circulated which is an energy unto itself. It gets us out of selfish tendencies and brings prosperity right back to us.

Giving is a good exercise especially if we find ourselves not where we want to personally be in the arena of financial abundance. I’m not advocating for going beyond our means for gift giving by any stretch. Often the tiniest gifts are the biggest ones and are most appreciated anyway. 

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When my son was little, my income was small and to get him the motorized dump truck he said he wanted was a challenge for me but I pulled off Christmas somehow. He also loved the dollar store toy aisle and the bags of plastic toy soldiers were his favorite. So I got him a couple bags of toy soldiers to go along with the dump truck and you know what happened. He played with the dump truck for a minute and the toy soldiers for days, weeks, months, forever.

On Mother’s day, a young 20 something customer of mine crafted a rose out of a cocktail napkin and handed it to me as a gift with a bow. That rose meant more to me than a real flower shop rose. I placed it on my altar and it laid there for a very long time so much I appreciated and cherished it.

The lights, colors and decorations of the season are almost mystical and certainly joyful, and there are some people who take decorating to a whole other level.

In the neighborhood where I walk for my meditations at night, two homes across from each other create dueling extravaganzas, and I mean extravaganzas.

In the hush of the night, I stop and gaze and take it all in so beautiful and creative the scene is. I notice the smile on my face standing there by myself in the middle of the street just enjoying and appreciating.

I’m sending these people an anonymous Christmas card to let them know how much I appreciate what they do. I think they’ll be surprised. I’d bet no one ever does that.

What if I were a person in despair, maybe in the depths of sadness having lost a loved one? A beautiful display to admire like that can turn a person right around. It only takes one brief moment of joy or appreciation to cause a welcome shift.

We often never know the impact we make on others with the little things we do or the undertakings we accomplish. They all too frequently go unacknowledged but may be effective beyond our imagination nevertheless.

When someone new follows me on Twitter, I love to acknowledge them by giving them a list of wondrous emotions I wish for them as a gift in return for their equally intangible follow. I receive such wonderful feedback for doing this, I dare say I end up receiving just as much as I give.

Look for the small, non-material ways to give this season. These gifts straight from the heart will probably make a bigger more unforgettable impact in who knows how many peoples’ lives depending on how you create them!