30 Ways to "Follow Your Inner Guide. Show Us Who You Are."

A woman sits on a low cliff overlooking the city at dusk
Follow Your Inner Guide. Show Us Who You Are.
— Enigma, from "Seven Lives"

When we watch or read the news and wonder where all the madness came from, we have only one place to look. It can be called mass consciousness, but is otherwise known as all of us.

Of course, there are many of us who find the contempt we see blasted all over the place, the lack of human mutual respect blanketing the earth, and serious deficits of truth and scornful judgment carried as banners of integrity so ugly we almost can't bear what we're witnessing. There are many of us who feel this way. So many. But there are a critical mass number enough of people who carry the other torch lit with fear and this combined energy has sufficient power to fuel its existence.

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Love consciousness is not yet massive enough to be able to significantly tip the scales and create an unstoppable momentum of sustained transformation.

But it's up to us. We have the power to change the world just by the way we live every day, but it takes more than just getting up in the morning and going about our normal business. We can't expect anything to change if we don't take steps to change it. This just isn't congruent. Even more, it's insanity thinking.

Here's the answer: We've got to focus on becoming all that we are. It's all there. Much of our brilliance is showing but so much more of it is yet to be unveiled! It's merely covered up by ego.

We don't have to make ourselves better. We just have to show who we are. And if enough of us do this, not only will the scales tip toward love, that love will wash all over the planet. The sound of love will become so enormous, so profound it drowns out and then disintegrates fear and hatred.

And when we say 'show who we are," we don't mean go out there and stand on a street corner proselytizing our beliefs. We mean quietly and almost subtly bringing ourselves within our homes, within our beings to a place of actualization that collectively, with all the others who are doing it too, offsets, influences and then completely transforms the other side.

How can we do this? We do it by nourishing ourselves–not just our bodies, but even more so, nourishing our minds so that our spirit is free to show itself and we are emotionally healthy and armed with wisdom to lead the world along its more brilliant destined path. 

Nourishing ourselves constantly is the greatest thing we can do for the planet. We end up not just showing who we are but nourishing others and probably sending them on their own newfound journeys of true self-discovery.

Here are at least 30 ways!

  1. Meditate. Meditation is foundational for anyone who seeks a peaceful life. There are so many ways to meditate: transcendental, vipassana, walking inter-meditation, yoga nidra. Find the way indigenous to your outrageous self.

  2. Pray. Pray without supplication as we were taught in religion. Pray with affirmation and knowing what we desire is an accomplished thing always including gratitude for its accomplishment now.

  3. Chant and sing. Learn to sing Sanskrit verses. The Sanskrit language is a velocity much higher than English or almost any other spoken language. Speaking or singing in Sanskrit or Tibetan, two languages that may not be native to us, assists us to bypass our ego mind and experience Divinity. Imagine the sound of song rippling into the world and universe. How wonderful!

  4. Incant mantras and practice mudras. Mantras can be destructive like, "I try and try and can't seem to get ahead," or they can be constructive like, "Everyday I'm getting better and better." Sanskrit mantras are incredibly powerful as mentioned in #3 above. Mudras are very powerful gestures made with hands and fingers which can evoke various states or desired outcomes. For an excellent example, go here.

  5. Memorize sacred passages. If you've found some verses of sacred text or inspirational literature that really speak to you, memorize them so that you can recall the verses when the going gets rough. Take time to contemplate them often. See Eknath Easwaran's teaching on this at easwaran.org.

  6. Don't just make affirmations, make casts. Casts are like affirmations, sometimes several sentences long but the difference is they tend to be positively emotionally charged and with a certitude of knowing. The emotion and certitude fuel the positive statement of what you desire to occur in your life. If you prefer to call them affirmations, make sure you're making them with a feel good emotion.

  7. Express daily gratitude for everything. The energy of gratitude is beautiful and high velocity. Express gratitude to others but express it to all of life and to yourself.

  8. Protect yourself. Protect your auric field from elementals and attached entities who are caught between dimensions and looking to hitch a ride with you. This can cause you to exhibit behaviors that are contrary to your true nature. Protect yourself by not compromising your personal integrity. Don't let someone push you to do what you feel not to do, for example. When we compromise our personal integrity, we create rips in our auric field, giving these entities a way in. Protect your aura with prayer and intention and cleanse it often by sending these entities to the light, clanging a bell in your auric field or banging a drum softly. Nourish your auric field's light by sitting in front of a radiant fire or candle flames.

  9. Send your light body at night through the world. Intend as you go to sleep at night, after you have protected yourself (see #8 above), to send your light body into the world to lovingly minister to those who are suffering. Or in your prayer time, intend blankets of rose petals to fall on areas of war or struggle.

  10. Read. Make sure you read something enlightening every day for about 15 minutes or more. Continue to reinforce the mind with high velocity sustenance! See our blog post of September 16 for some recommendations.

  11. Get inspired every day. Reading can do this but so can great audio books or movies.

  12. Learn and discover. Be a person who is always expanding herself. Attend a study group for a book like "A Course In Miracles" or attend a Gurdjieff study group, for example. The internet, maybe even meetup.com, will help you find what you're looking for.

  13. Initiate a study group. If you can't find a study group, start one! Be an activator and leader!

  14. Attend worthy seminars such as those offered by Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins or Marianne Williamson. Keep self-enriching!

  15. Practice some form of exercise. It doesn't have to include a gym or heavy lifting! See our blog post of October 17 for a truly unique way to accomplish this one!

  16. Limit television viewing. Be discerning about what you watch or how you watch it. It can be a form of mind control which is why we are checking out all these practices–to create sound minds that can't be controlled!

  17. Respect living animals by not eating them; when we partake of animal flesh, we are participating in their slaughter. The energy of fear the animals feel as they are slaughtered goes right into the flesh we eat and affects us adversely. Animals are fellow sentient beings. In order to have respect the world over, it must begin with refraining from putting animal products on our plates.

  18. Make your home your sanctuary. Create an environment that is nurturing to your spirituality. Burn a Himalayan salt lamp. Post pictures of great spiritual Masters. Play beautiful ambient music.

  19. Appreciate and spend time in nature many times a week. By appreciating nature, even if it's on a stroll through the park, we recognize and realize that we are one with it. This is a realization all Masters have on the deepest levels. Develop it.

  20. Give and serve. Look for ways every day to give to others even in intangible ways. Give to the homeless. Give what you can to charity. Charity is a most high virtue. It is compassion in action.

  21. Support those who have created transformational organizations such as global synchronized prayer and meditation groups.

  22. Start a transformational organization yourself. If you haven't encountered an organization for world transformation you'd like to join, there's no stopping you from doing it yourself! Start small. It's okay. Ask for Divine assistance. You can do it!

  23. Live respectfully. Smile, say hello, bow to others, say something kind to everyone you meet. Defer to others, letting them step ahead of you in line.

  24. Practice focusing on the present moment. Notice the life and vitality of the water you shower in and how it speaks to you. Feel your feet gently pounding on the ground as you walk; give loving energy to earth as you take each step.

  25. Create an altar in your home and business. Place pictures or other representations of Masters who inspire you, burn seven-day candles imbued with prayerful intention, and perhaps place crystals on it to amplify your prayers.

  26. Recognize everything as sacred in your life. This doesn't mean you have to "Om" your way through the day or become super serious all day long. Just be mindful that everything, absolutely everything you do is sacred. Give each sacred action your presence.

  27. Inject lots of humor into your days. God knows the world needs a lot of laughs right now. Watch your favorite comedian and laugh, laugh, laugh. Be funny yourself whenever you can.

  28. Keep it light, literally. Permeate everything you do and touch with the light of your being. Grab a glass of water and know that the light from your fingers is permeating the water causing the cells to uplift. Cast a glance at another and let the light of your beautiful soul pour from your eyes onto him.

  29. Be a new kind of missionary. When you see ambulances or an accident on the road, send an arc of light and love to the injured ones. Be aware of opportunities to spread loving kindness even in the smallest of actions.

  30. Stay even. All of the above actions (and more; stay tuned for future blog posts) will help us to stay even and balanced even when fear- and hatemongers are right up in our faces. We won't react. We'll respond with the evenness of Gautama Buddha. We'll plant a seed of love for a present or future awakening in our brother.

Photo by Comete El Coco on Unsplash