Focusing On Your Positive Progress Can Change Your Life

A person views a spray painted colorful message on cement that says, "ALL WE HAVE IS NOW."

I strongly suspect that if you look at the person you were one year ago and then look at the person you are right now there’s a remarkable difference. And the contrast is always for the better even if you’re going through a hard time right now. All this means is you’re going through an important life lesson that is ultimately going to evolve you by leaps and bounds.

You may be like me where I hark back to past events in my life that seemed to not go very well. This is dangerous because once we entrain our focus on the negative, we begin to create it. Our focus creates. So it’s a really good idea to do whatever we can to leave the past back there as something that’s done and final, because it is exactly that. It’s over. It’s finished. It’s wrapped up and put away. You’ve learned from it and you’ve moved on, or have you?

I urge you to let the past stay in the past because I myself have dwelled on past experiences too long and too often while I've tried to prosecute another possible one, two or three aspects of what I could have learned from a certain event.

Whatever you and I have done, we learned more than we may even know consciously for there are many and multidimensional levels of learning going on in the course of every lesson, most of which we cannot in the moment or on the surface identify.

Here-and-now is where you and I really live. Now is the creative moment so let’s be careful what ingredients we put into that soup.

It’s quite common knowledge that to feel appreciation for the experiences, people and things in our lives is one way to get grounded in the present moment. The longer we can stay in that energy, the happier we get and the more goodness, beauty and truth we spontaneously create in our lives.

An aspect of feeling the wellspring of appreciation and to keep us in the now moment is to practice identifying and focusing on the progress we’ve made in our lives.

When I take my long late night walks this is what I do for several minutes. I look at what is different and better in my life and I just really spend time appreciating that and only that. I have to say it feels good and it’s so encouraging and exciting.

What wondrous things, big or small, are signs of progress in your life? Are you smiling more? Are you pleasantly amused by things you weren’t before? Without looking too much at the past day or week, look at your life right now and how it is playing out in so many ways and notice what is new or elevated to a higher level.

Our lives are an outpicturing of what we think about, focus on and deeply appreciate. Nod to those recognitions of progress and also to the great being within you because you have created this. And know that by sustaining the practice of focusing on your progress and not on what is wrong or went wrong in your life, your happiness and really, abundance on all levels, will spiral throughout your life in ways you never dared to imagine.

I’m not writing this because I read or heard it somewhere. I’m writing it because it’s happening for me. People call this mindfulness these days. That seems to be the current buzzword. Whatever it is, by deeply appreciating and focusing on our progress which is so very positive, we make not just our own personal lives better, we uplift the entire planet and the more of us who practice it, the more noticeable uplifting impact we’ll make.

Photo by Mikael Cho on Unsplash