We Have Eternity

A blue toned picture of a light house at the end of a walled stone pathway

My mom was raised a staunch Catholic and therefore so was I. My mother was well educated in elementary and high school by Catholic nuns. This was in the 1930s and 40s. Her teaching nuns were not addressed as Sister but Mother. (I always thought that was so cool.) Anyway, she got a great education and religion was an enormous part of it. It was drilled into you back then. Actually, it was for me, too, when I was in Catholic schools (elementary, high school and college) but I don’t think quite as rigorously. One of the many things I remember my mother passing on to me as a little girl was a phrase that her Mother Superior used to always say to the children in their school:

A little while and it will be eternity.

Prayer and the pursuit of holiness was front and center. So was the guilt. So were expectations to always do right. Life was a chore. It was hardly a joy. I think they got that all backwards.

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I grew up muttering that phrase to myself whenever the going got rough. It actually gave me peace in the moment. It was like saying, “Just get through this and soon this life will be over and you’ll be free forever in heaven.”

You know, you can derive a sense of peace from anything you believe in gives you peace. I, as a little girl, internalized that phrase very very well.

When I grew into a young adult having lived with both of my parents desperately entangled in alcoholism for years, I began to question everything about my life and religion. I realized religion is not necessarily spirituality and concepts of things like time in this third dimensional world did not hit me right anymore. In my questioning, I began to receive answers of a more unlimited nature and my life began to transform in ways I previously would not have dreamed of.

Basic beliefs I embraced in my upbringing were now completely upended and I was finding out God was not striking me down for it. In fact, I was continuing to experience an exhilaration of discovery balanced with life lesson challenges that have made me the person I am in this moment. It has truly been an exciting, never-a-dull-moment sojourn on this planet.

Time is a fundamental 'given' in this third dimensional world. It has been manipulated and pushed in our faces and almost everybody buys it, even many spiritual people on freer paths of self-realization and discovery. Some believe time is running out to accomplish the great things they believe they came here to accomplish for the greatest good of the planet. It creates a stress and a presence in one's spiritual life which does not exactly align with spirituality and mysticism. 

I, too, accepted the idea that the world might not wait for me to get my act all together so that I could be of the greatest assistance to this transforming planet. It created a stress response in me which is the opposite of how one should feel on a joyful spiritual path. It isn’t authentic when we don’t allow our journey to happen organically as we always intended before we even came into our physical bodies this lifetime. Everything happens as it should. 

Time is contrived for purposes of control on this plane of demonstration as they call it. It’s a good thing, too, because while we are learning to demonstrate, we need that buffer of time to make corrections and to heal. If we can learn to demonstrate, to manifest with a thought here on this plane of demonstration first, we can probably do it anywhere, in any dimension and frequency, or  the very least, we can learn how pretty darn fast.

In the midst of living in a great degree of angst, somehow I was able to hear this message:


Really, take your “time.” We actually have eternity. And this message has made all the difference for me because it’s true. My life is ongoing and forever. Should I leave this body to move on into another expression, I am still alive. I always will be. And I will carry on what is in my nature to do and to be. I never have to be concerned with that. In my essence, I am who I am and I always will be.

I don’t live by the clock. I don’t have one hung on any wall in my house. I very infrequently check the time. I don’t live by television shows that come on at a certain time. I wake up naturally and go to bed naturally. I do my best not to get all hung up on the calendar though I do enjoy the change of seasons and the arrival of holidays to celebrate.

Letting go of the measurement of time as much as possible helps takes the edge off. If we're so caught up in the stressor of time, it can detract from our health and our joy. I realize we still must live in this world and there are certain things we have to be on time for or pay attention to, for now. But if we can minimize our attention to it, we'll live easier and more joyfully, and as a result of living in a heightened level of joy, everything we create is going to come out so much better.

I no longer acknowledge my date of birth or birthdays because I am timeless, ageless, ongoing and forever. I have eternity.

We all have eternity.