Eating Animal Flesh While Wanting to Save the Planet Just Doesn’t Line Up For Me

Eating Animal Flesh While Wanting to Save the Planet Just Doesn’t Line Up For Me

I was talking to a young friend about the state of our world the other night as she got very pensive and almost downright sad. Dejectedly she said she just wanted the planet to be healed and for climate change to be reversed. Then she left to go to the local Burger King for a Whopper. I’m sorry but eating animal flesh and animal products while wanting to save the planet from impending troubles does not exactly line up for me. Here’s why.

Damian Carrington, environment editor of the Guardian reports in his October 18, 2018 article, “Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown” the following:

Huge reductions in meat-eating are essential to avoid dangerous climate change, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet of the food system’s impact on the environment. In western countries, beef consumption needs to fall by 90% and be replaced by five times more beans and pulses [seeds].

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The research also finds that enormous changes to farming are needed to avoid destroying the planet’s ability to feed the 10 billion people expected to be on the planet in a few decades.

And this information comes from only one article out of countless many on the subject.

Vegan musician and animal rights champion Moby carries the cross for the cause with numerous posts on Instagram:

100 billion animals killed every year by and for humans.

90% of health care costs attributable to diet and lifestyle (Harvard Medical)

90% of rainforest deforestation and 45% of climate change attributable to animal agriculture (World Watch)

The use of animals for food is the cruelest and dumbest thing that we as a species are doing—not just for animals but for us and the only home we have.”

45% of climate change is a result of animal agriculture… When you look at: direct methane emissions from animals, rainforest deforestation, feed production and shipment for animal agriculture, hvac for animals on factory farms, animal transport, etc., the aggregate contribution of animal agriculture to climate change is AT LEAST 45%.

I’m not a scientist but I’m smart enough to know truth when I hear it.

We are damaging our environment with an enormous amount of greenhouse gases from livestock. We are deforesting the very forests we depend on to breathe and to live. (Most people don’t realize the kinds of healing remedies that can come out of the forest.) We are creating water shortages with our livestock and agricultural farming and we’re polluting our oceans enough to create dead zones.

It is said that as the world population rises by 2.3 billion people by 2050 and global income triples even more people will earn enough money to be able to eat meat-based western diets. This is not something to be proud of—killing animals with whom we coexist so that we can have our burgers and filet mignons which we believe just taste so good that we can’t stop eating them. This is baloney, no pun intended. We just don’t have enough leverage on ourselves to change. Maybe mad cow disease of epic proportion will change help people get over their addiction to the taste of prepared meat. It looks like that’s the kind of thing that will have to happen before change occurs. I wouldn’t want to be on the end of that stick.

Eating Animal Flesh While Wanting to Save the Planet Just Doesn’t Line Up For Me

Please, you can get over your addiction to meat. I did and tons of other people did too. You just don’t have enough information or you’re not suffering enough misery yet. Meat is dead animal flesh and it’s not clean. Moreover, it’s full of panic and fear emotions from the animals being killed, tortured and abused. Science has proven this to be true.

You know, it’s not cheap to eat a plant-based organic diet either, but the people eating all that animal flesh are going to need to keep those incomes flourishing so great their medical bills will be. Vegans just don’t have the physical maladies and medical problems that meat-eaters do. I’m just sayin.’

Plant-based eating is light and clean. It’s a whole different and higher vibration. It doesn’t drag you down like animal flesh does and it actually offers balance and healing. And by the way, the picture featured in the blog post shows a plant-based vegan burger with vegan “bacon,” “cheese” and “mayonnaise.” It can be done and deliciously at that.

The choice almost isn’t ours anymore. Things are starting to get too out of hand.

Reducing animal flesh and animal product intake alone by a significant percentage could save us all.



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Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash