Earth Changes 2017: Time to Make Our Inner Shift

A young man feels a tree's energies in a green forest

Earth Changes is the phrase used to describe an epoch of time overseeing global, far-reaching, even cataclysmic natural, social, economic and political periods of upheaval and change. These periods can be short and swift or long and enduring. Ultimately, each upheaval causes an evolutionary shift in its respective arena. 

It is said that the modern day prophet, Edgar Cayce, coined the phrase. In fact, you can even get a book containing all Cayce readings on the subject of Earth Changes titled by the same name. All Cayce-prophecies on the topic are compiled in this one book (Earth Changes) which, according to its publisher, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, 

provides an inspiring look at the future of planet earth.

The natural Earth Change occurrences include extreme weather events like major earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and great winds, the melting of the polar ice caps, a shift of the planetary axis, solar flares, and an asteroid collision with earth. (This is a partial list.) Many of these we have already seen and know that we will see more as the Earth goes through her renewal process.

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As for the pole shift, both Cayce and the seer/visionary Gordon Michael Scallion, among others, have predicted a shift of anywhere from a low of 16 degrees to a maximum of 45 degrees. After the shift, Canada will become the breadbasket of the world and places that once held such a responsibility will either be non-existent or be so physically altered their overall purpose will change. This is only result of the pole shift. There will be so many more.

The progression of natural events will not happen all at once. Most of us are recognizing that this is more of a gradual process. I think we will one day look back and notice the enormous change the Earth has endured and be amazed.

With the Earth Changes come also societal, economic and political events, some of which literally reduce our population in certain parts of the world. The opioid epidemic in the U. S. is claiming around 1,000 lives per week, for example. Middle Eastern refugees are the survivors of a virtual holocaust caused by dogmatic, rigid and very convenient religious and scriptural interpretations and outright fear. The silver lining is we are graphically seeing what we do not want to be. Hopefully, these atrocities are teaching us, and they will but only if we choose to learn.

Even in the modern era year of 2017, it is almost unbelievable to know that human slavery all around the world continues and shamefully demonstrates the planet’s overall lack of respect for the dignity of all life. At the same time, there are groups and souls everywhere working to shed light on the truth and where there is light there is hope.

Anxiety in people of all ages has reached an all-time high. It is so severe in some that it manifests as physical pain and debilitating panic and depression. The U. S. is evolving to drug-dependency for treating ailments and with quite limited success. We do see glimmers of optimism in the organic and natural health food industry where food is regarded as healer. These heroes are making inroads into our food industry and must be encouraged and supported by us even if we have to pay more.

We are experiencing an outright assault on truth from the leaders who have been voted into office to represent us and spearhead a good and decent manner of life for all. We are watching incredulously as certain of our leaders point their fingers and prejudiciously accuse only to soon find they need to be accountable for the very acts they point to. The flip side of this coin is that enormous numbers of people are rising up who will not stand for injustice and manipulation of the truth.

The thought of annihilating a country or a city with a nuclear bomb is so contrary to the beautiful soul that lives within each and every one of us that certainly, this is an Earth Change, too. I know that there are large numbers of people gathering all over the world creating a counteractive elevating energy to subdue this threat.

Pipelines through ancient burial grounds, mass production of food products, butchering of innocent animals when plants readily give all they have so perfectly for our food, trashing of the oceans with objects we cannot recycle, and ramming vehicles into people out for a summer night’s enjoyment—all these are Earth Changes. I believe I am in no way alone in my passionate desire for the loving and tender respect of all life.

Must we always wait for the catastrophe before we make our own inner pole shift?

Whatever we do, it will happen anyway. We can wait for it to be accomplished or we can begin to be proactive now and consciously make our inner shift. If we wait for it to happen, we may not survive in the process and we may have unconsciously chosen to repeat the lesson with another or many arduous lifetime(s).

Either way will work. It’s a choice we are charged with making, right here, right now.

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