If It's Drama, It's Ego: How to Live a Life of Serenity and Still Learn, Grow and Evolve

A young woman in a billowy gown relaxes reclining on a large rock before a waterfall

The bottom line is this: If it’s drama, it’s ego. In other words, if we have lots of anguish, quarreling, arguing, fighting, judgment, pointing of fingers, victimization, feeling sorry for self, arrogance, oppression, chastisement, need for self-importance and rigid dogmas in our world—it all comes from and is manufactured by the ego run amok. It certainly is not heart centered living. This is just what ego loves which is why it constantly seeks to create it. Ego dines on the negative destructive energies it helps us to create with our consent. But there truly is another way to live and live well.

For a long time we may not even realize we’re caught up in ego and creating these dramas in our lives. We may rationalize and justify to ourselves that we are in the right or they are not dramas at all but very necessary. In a large sense, they are very necessary—they wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t design them to occur before we even incarnated onto the planet. They provide important life lessons for us. We learn and grow and evolve from them.

There does come a day, however, when we’ve had it with the drama. We’ve just plain had our fill of it and it no longer appeals in any way. It becomes repulsive and so we make a shift. We make certain changes in our lives and most of all, within ourselves, that begin to paint a different picture–a much more beautiful and serene picture. This sometimes means certain people may no longer be very prominent in our lives or we may abandon a certain system of beliefs because beliefs create.

The truth is we don’t need dramas to teach us. They serve us on a certain level but on a higher level there is no place for them.

When we cross the threshold from constant drama and anguish to serenity and joy, we can still learn and grow and evolve and with much less ego in play. Now we will be invited to receive the higher teachings and lessons in other ways. They will come to us in dreams, ceremonies, throughout the waking day, and through many a mystical occurrence.

In a new life free from most dramas, we will grow by leaps and bounds and understand limitless being. We will now be free of the distractions caused by the dramas we used to participate in and we’ll find we’re now far more free to create and give and expand and express ourselves in new and lighter ways. We will see life and our desires begin to unfold seamlessly and elegantly for us. We will notice this new expansive trajectory and feel such deep appreciation for it because it is oh so magical.

We have been assisted by the higher unseen realms through all the dramas of the past and now we will be assisted by them through this great epoch of serenity and joy.

Which one do you choose?

I’ve experienced the drama. I got my fill of it. I learned from all of it, yes, boy did I learn. And yet, just like when anything reaches a saturation point, the vessel can’t take any more. It needs to be completely emptied out to be filled again and this time ‘round we’ll choose a new and fresh and lighter liquid of serenity, higher mind, and higher learning to fill our vessel. Thank God.

Photo by xiaole Zheng on Unsplash