Do Not Be Seduced by Dark Forces: How We Can and Must Learn to Discern

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There is no one responsible for my life and how I live it but me just as there is no one responsible for your life and how you live it but you. Ultimately, we each have all the say about how our lives go. We might say that maybe we must always do as our authority figures say. For the more spiritually adventurous we might go so far as to say we’re wise to follow the pointers our spirit guides give us. In the end, we must determine for ourselves how we receive the counsel, decrees and laws of another. Are we listening to other voices or do we rely on our very own inner voice, the one that comes from the feeling and not the thinking place?

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Some of us are so rebellious that we never or almost never listen to outside influences. Maybe we shouldn’t tune everything out because there is much to be learned from absolutely everything. As long as the more rebellious ones always go within, they will be wondrously guided. They may also hear from their very own Overself that sheer rebelliousness for the sake of rebelling is not necessarily wise. Sometimes it’s good to listen to another voice once in a while.

There is no one who can truly live our lives for us and in our heart of hearts, we don’t really want that anyway. Our lives are really and totally ours to live so why do we have a tendency to give our power away so often to others?

It appears that many people on earth are just going through the motions of living and listening to and feeling for the Divine voice within, even among those on a spiritual path. So many of us are listening without feeling, listening without discerning the validity of the message or the messenger. Often seduced by the promise of healing or riches or glory, we follow certain teachers l, both worldly and spiritual, when all the while we have everything we need inside of us. When do we ever stop and say,

"I have it all within me. I command this from the Lord God Goddess of my Being!”

 If we don’t start practicing now, when will we ever be sovereign?

We must be very aware that there are so-called holy and advanced people on the planet at this time who are not what they say they are. They are attracting masses of people to their YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and darshan halls in India with massive marketing programs promising the very things every human being is hungry for but refuses to realize they can access right within themselves. They say they have the answers and the keys and just come and pay them X amount of dollars and your life will miraculously turn around. Oh, it may turn around alright! And not in the way you dreamed of. Energy vampires sometimes need to create elaborate schemes in order to attract enough unwitting people to feed from. This truly is happening now.

Be very alert and aware. Learn to discern who in so-called “high places” is for real and who is an imposter planted here to take energy from you. Just because one has gained a certain title does not mean he is “appointed by God” or a leader to emulate and follow.

So many of us are blindly and deafly doing what we are told to do. Our society has become accustomed to practically worshipping people of celebrity, privilege or renown that we are quick to jump on their bandwagons.

Perhaps—and we have to be open to hearing this—perhaps certain practices or ways of living are not best for us even when the advice seems to come from someone who is truly holy or very wealthy or what we perceive to be “advanced?”

We must be able to discern the truth according to the way we feel at all times in all instances. This is for our well-being going forward because there is a showdown occurring on the planet right now. It always has been going on, but perhaps it’s becoming more acute lately as the human race evolves and predatory dark energies are beginning to realize their time is about up. They really don’t want to have to change because it will be painful for them  

We must realize that sometimes, even all too often, the messengers we are all too quick to listen to may actually be wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is why we must develop our skills of discernment and feeling otherwise we can fall prey to dark forces.

Be very wary of YouTube videos, websites, and social media accounts that seem airy faery, promise you the moon, tell you they are going to give you powers, and/or cause you to feel uncomfortable or which feel seductive. These feelings are giant red flags.

If a friend refers you to a website and you just can't get yourself to view the suggested video or read the text, it's another big red flag. Get far away from it. Your soul is guiding you!

If you feel a mesmerizing seductive energy when you come across a website, exit from it right away and get yourself clear by ringing a bell or sounding a gong in your auric field . It is a trap set by the dark forces and these traps will be in places you would think would be pure, holy and high integrity. 

It’s important that we create environments for ourselves that will foster our Divine inner knowing so that we can become conscious beings  

Time for meditation and time spent in nature, learning to scry, entering into altered states to receive divine knowledges and wisdoms, intending that every cell of our beings be open to unlimited Thought, consuming foods that encourage clarity of mind and intuitive reception, keeping our energy meridians as aligned and open as possible… all these will assist us to become the entities we are destined to be… FREE… SOVEREIGN… POWERFUL… RESPONSIBLE… and in UNION WITH ALL EXISTENCE.