How to Create a Sacred Home Sanctuary You’ll Love Coming Home To

An unscented white candle flame brings peace to the home

With the world as crazy as it is right now, it’s wonderful to be able to come home to a place that is the antithesis of chaos–an environment that is uplifting and nurturing and life-giving. There are many simple things you can do to create a sacred home sanctuary that brings you relief and peace and to which you look forward to returning. If you have children, teach them early (or teach them now) not to be rigid applying some of these tips–they’re children after all–but rather engage them and tell them that it’s all about creating a sacred safe feeling home base for the family you love. And in the end, it won't only be you and your family that enjoys coming home, your friends will love being able to enjoy the good energies you've created, too.

  • Put things away the minute you see them. Keep everything in its place.
  • Take your shoes off at the front door on entering your home. Don’t just kick them off. Carefully and neatly place them in a designated spot. They're the shoes of a divine person after all.
  • Place calming art like pictures and statues in your home. Pictures of the Buddha work for me.
  • Minimize. Get rid of the clutter. You really and truly don’t need all the stuff. Clutter=chaos and is a reflection of your inner emotional and mental climate. Store or give away what you truly don’t need or that’s tired and has been knocking around for a long time. Keep things fresh.
  • Keep your home clean. Clean as you go. 
  • Create lines or curves in the placement of your furniture that feel good to you. Not everything has to be jammed up against the wall. Allow the energy to flow.
  • Less is more when decorating your home if you’re trying to achieve a zen-like peaceful space. Keep the knickknacks to a minimum and then only those that hold meaning for you.
  • Bring living plants and flowers into your home. They know how to live and thrive better than we do.
  • Gong a bell through your home periodically. Use Tibetan tingshas,* a bell or a gong. This clears the energy.
  • Burn some sage, blow it out and waft the sage smoke all through your home to clear the energy.
  • Keep a Himalayan salt lamp lit in the room where you spend the most time. Work towards getting one for every room. It creates negative ions in your home’s atmosphere and it will cause you to feel better.
  • Create a small devotional altar you’ll see soon after you enter your home. Make it an altar that speaks to you and brings you serenity just by looking at it.
  • Keep a flame always alive in your home. Burn UNSCENTED seven-day globe candles that you’ve infused with prayer intentions. A scent, most of which are synthetic, will interfere with the energy not to mention that in most cases, it’s just plain not good for you to inhale. If you burn a diffuser, be discerning with the kind of oils you use. Ordinary commercial oils are often synthetic and not good to breathe in. Make it a practice to buy high quality essential oils.
  • On this same note, please stay away from toxic chemical laden “air freshener” products like Febreeze which actually manipulate your olfactory system and don’t clean the air or fabric at all. Keep your home, carpet, rugs and furniture clean so you won’t need fake air fresheners. Sorry, I know it’s more challenging with pets! Just do your best. Open your doors and windows periodically to let the fresh air in.
  • If you enjoy burning incense, the same advice as for using diffusers and air fresheners holds true. Buy quality incense and then burn it sparingly. Incense burning interferes with pure breathing.
  • Play soft ambient music.
  • Cover your television with a tapestry cloth when it’s not in use. Try to find a design that brings you a sense of calm when you look at it.
  • If you do not live alone, creating structure and mutual respect in the home will be so important towards maintaining even energies in the home. Fighting, arguing, yelling and screaming create energies that will linger even if the house is quiet. 

*Small cymbals used in prayer and rituals. Two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap or chain. The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high pitched tone.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon at Unsplash