Consciousness Makes Us Brilliant

A young woman in a field of purple and lavender flowers

Consciousness is like a sphere that has no bounds on how far it can expand–both inwardly and outwardly. We are all in that sphere somewhere. Where we are in that sphere tells us how conscious, awake, aware, and clear—even intelligent—we are. In fact, to become more conscious, we must clear away more ‘fog’ from our bodies, from our minds and from our auric fields. This is a continuous process because consciousness and our divine essence are infinite.

When I attended a Unity church back in the 80s, we were called Truth students. Truth was a word commonly spoken in our minister’s sermons. It felt safe and good and real. I surmised at the time that Truth was the be all–end all, that if you knew Truth, not the truth but Truth with a capital ’T,’ you had it all. Truth and God were synonymous and they were both magnanimous and unshakeable. Truth was almost a prize to be realized yet it came to all those who had minds open enough to receive its wisdom.

Truth for every one of us is relative and what we believe to be the truth is largely based on the belief systems we adopt. What was truth to me at age 8 or 28 is far different from what truth is to me today because through choice I have decided to be open to growth and change.

We can read and study books, go to churches, attend seminars, webinars, retreats, and classes, we can learn from leaders, guides, masters, and teachers… we can and probably should follow what other people teach for a time and for as long as we feel we need to, but a day must come when we come to Truth on our own. Yes, we still will want to enjoy collaborating with the non-physical realm. We’ll want to always receive the benefit of its divine purview, but a time must come when we begin to put the material books down, when we begin to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers and begin to practice relying on the Master within. This is the whole point of living. It’s called self-realization.

It’s a beautiful moment when we can be in the quiet and realize that the wisdom we are receiving is coming from our own divine Self. The wisdom and the knowledges we are receiving are our wisdom and knowledges coming from the Lord God-Goddess of our being.

We may look around at people in our community or in the expanded view of our country and the world and be horrified by the beliefs that some people hold. I admit. I’ve been horrified and shocked. Some people call those with ‘backward’ beliefs and ideologies stupid and dumb. I’ve realized that it isn’t that anyone is an idiot. It’s that their consciousness has been limited. I believe everyone has the potential to expand their minds, their intellects and their consciousness. It's just a matter of what we allow in to our lives.

When your consciousness is limited, narrow and kept very small, your energy is weaker and more dominant energies can have sway over you. You can be more than influenced by them. You can be dominated and manipulated to do their bidding. They know the truth but they have an alternate 'truth' they prefer because it gives them power over other people.

Foggy consciousness allows one to be more easily impressionable. Their minds are easier to manipulate because they are even more deeply hooked into the system.

A frequency has been and is still being broadcast to affect weaker minds and bring them into very limited consciousness. It’s not that these people are stupid. They just can’t receive any other information (which is light) because they’ve been enormously affected, and they continue to live in a way that keeps the cycle going.

The more clear we become, the more we break free and become sovereign powerful beings which is the opposite of what many in power want to have happen. The more we become sovereign the more expanded is our consciousness and it’s a cycle also, but it’s am empowering rather than a disempowering cycle. Like attracts like.

How then do we become clearer and clearer? There are a million and one ways, but for this article, let’s begin with three basics:

1) Have a serious look at your diet and if you are not at least eating vegetarian (vegan is even better), seriously consider making the shift. The food we consume has a far greater effect on our clarity of mind and being than you might think. To consume other sentient beings is not really and truly in alignment with who and what we are. If we love animals, have pets or feel badly when we see an animal killed on the road, why are we eating their kin?

2) Frequently clear your aura (auric field), the electromagnetic field around your body. Do this with your intent and with your hands and arms as you push what is not you out of your field of energy. Connect with your heart center and feel its light and love. Utilize the light and love of your heart along with your breath to push out of your auric field all that does not belong there. If words, commands, decrees come to you, speak them emphatically as you push this debris and any ‘hypnotizing’ disempowering energies out and away from you. To seal the clearing, snap your fingers or clap your hands and feel the light spark from them.

3) The practice of meditation for just 15 minutes a day can open pathways for us. It doesn’t have to be done seated. It can be done while walking or dancing, for example. The important thing is to find the way that is best suited for you. Don’t make it a discipline you end up working for. If it is not a joy, don’t do it. Your benefits will be limited if it is not done in joy and love. Allow your time of meditation to be a joy.

Like I said before, there are a million and one ways to do anything. These are just three basic insights for achieving more clarity and we’ll post a more exhaustive list soon. In the meantime, may you be open to and allowing of clarity for your entire being and the reception of infinite knowledge and wisdom which is Truth and expanded consciousness.

Photo by Will Li on Unsplash