Cold Water Splashed On Our Faces!

A four-year-old boy has fun splashing in a fountain

When bad things happen, don't panic. No. 1, we must realize we created it. Yes, even the bad stuff. We are the authors of our scripts and we wrote in the challenges before landing on the planet for purposes of evolution and growth but also because without the experience of challenge, there is boredom. Boredom leads to a half-lived life, if even half. The point of life is living–not mechanically, but fully embraced. 

Sometimes we respond to challenges with paralysis. The fear is so gripping we can't even put one foot in front of the other. This is to be understood. Ego gets in there and wreaks havoc with our forward movement and outward expansion. But if we can become aware that this is so, we'll soon be on our way to true life by embracing the challenge. Keeping an eye on ego and letting it know we're onto it is one giant step toward transcending ego.

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It's when we approach life mechanically that becomes the real dilemma. You know, like when we go through the motions of doing what we think we're supposed to do, what we've been told is the right thing to do, the way it's always been done. It's not authentic. We don't allow anything to well up organically. We fall into habit. We go through the motions. And it's just fake as f**k and we know it, but we seem to be caught in a loop and we're only partially alive.

Stepping out of the loop can take courage. To make that about-face takes strength. It takes listening to those nagging feelings within you that keep telling you you're off track or there's something else to do or another route to take. And it requires trusting your feelings–which are a form of communication from your soul, your higher self, your spirit guides, God–and then acting on them.

Right now, the world requires us to be more fully alive and awake than we've ever been before. Perhaps the events of recent have splashed cold water on our faces. And if that's the case, then recent events are divinely purposeful and will prove to be the best things that ever happened to us.

If that's what it takes for us to access the Christ within ourselves and cast that light all over the planet, then let's be glad for the major event catalyst. This event in U.S. history is moving us to be all of who we are, to be agents of equanimous, loving, compassionate change for all people everywhere and to become the ascended masters we know right down to our DNA that we are.

The important thing now is to be aware that ego will try to take over and tell us it's not so bad or that we can't effect change. It will try to slow us down or get us to stop taking real action in our lives. It will try to talk us into smallness, impossibility and inability.

Shine the light on ego and it will run and hide in the corner like a scared mouse! We are greater than that, greater than ego, greater than fear, greater than littleness, greater than hatred and prejudice. 

Jesus was the example, not the exception. He came to the earth to demonstrate to us what empowered Christ Consciousness is and that we have it within ourselves. Somebody had to come to show us and he was one of many.

And if there were so many, there are so many more and YOU are one of them!