O Holy Night: A New and True Take On What This Carol Can Mean for All Evolving Lightworkers and Starseeds

Stars hover over earth at midnight

The other night, I was in a very contemplative space. The moon was full. The clouds were tufted like giant cotton balls in the sky all connected each to each forming a sort of airy quilt. The stars were like glitter across the sky where there were no clouds and I was hearing the Christmas carol, O Holy Night, played by a neighbor on his outdoor patio. That night was a holy night–the holy night the carol sings about.

Yeshuah (Jesus) came to show us how to be a Christ-in-the-Masses. The night of Yeshuah’s incarnation onto the planet in physical form was certainly a holy and auspicious night so enormous was his mission on Earth. We do him justice by taking his example and birthing the Christ he exemplified in ourselves.

The name “Christ” is not meant for Yeshuah alone. He would be the first one to say this. We diminish our understanding of his sojourn on this planet and his current and forever omnipresence throughout all the cosmos when we limit his Christic manner of being only to him.

A night or day is holy when we birth the Christ in ourselves, when we walk among the masses as a Christ. 

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O holy night. The stars are brightly shining. We are the stars! We are here to wash the planet with our light. What better time can the light of the stars be seen than when they are juxtaposed against the backdrop of night? It is often in the contrast that things can truly be seen or felt. Contrast is good because it shows us what we want and what we do not want. Contrast is a teacher and a gift.

Long lay the world in sin and error pining till he appeared and the soul felt its worth. May we all feel our innate worth as Christic beings where the chaos and error we perceive in the world right now are things we can transmute and even transcend. This is our birthright too. No matter what we have done in our past, it was all very purposeful. We are the ones who engineered the events of our past. We did it for the greater purpose of our learning and growth. No one else made anything happen to us. We chose it all. We created it all.

When we understand this, we are free and we can be happy and joyous about our lives whatever way they look.

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new glorious morn. We are the hope for the weary world. We are here to evolve ourselves and the planet. When enough of us do, a critical mass is reached and a new and glorious morn breaks through for planet Earth. Light will dispel all the darkness that has its hooks into almost every aspect of earthly living right now. With our Christic presence, we can and will be the light that casts itself on the dark of night.

Remember this, not just this holiday season but always: go out and be a Christ-in-the-Masses. Appreciate your life and how you created it. Live in joy and if you can't live in joy right now, just find some little thing to appreciate every day. Soon like attracts like and you will one day notice you are living a joyful life which is the only place from which to create the good, the beautiful and the true. 

Shine your light all over the place, genuinely, authentically, from your heart of hearts.