Why Do Things Look So Crazy and Chaotic? These Are the Gifts Propelling Our Evolution.

A golden lit statue of liberty at night in the foreground with New York City as backdrop

Why aren’t our money systems working for all people in the U.S. and the world? Why is the middle class on its way out by many observations? Why are church and political leaders plagued with scandal? Why do churches who profess to be led by a loving God shun their brothers and sisters who are “born this way?” Why is our medical system unable to truly heal the physical? Why is autism on an alarming rise? Why are our political parties at a perpetual impasse and hard-pressed to accomplish anything for the common good? Why are our crops riddled with pesticidal chemicals and genetically spliced with animal genes? Why is the U.S. the most obese country on earth? Why do nations lay claim to their natural resources or certain ideologies and fight wars over them? Why do some people fear the dilution of their gene pool and build fences to try to keep others out?

Rather than angst over it all, maybe we could stop to realize that everything is happening exactly as it should at this precise point in time. This tapestry of issues is actually what incites us to grow and to change. And maybe things are coming to a head to really get our attention, finally.

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Our tax laws and financial system almost totally in the hands of the very wealthy will not favor the all. Maybe there should be no such thing as class, the haves and the have-nots, the exceedingly financially wealthy and those on government assistance.  Maybe we should all be one family all on the same playing field, equal to each other in every way.

We say "all men are created equal,” but these are mere words for some. Perhaps sharing equitably with each other where fair trade is our currency would be an enlightening grace in our sharing back and forth. Perhaps there truly is only one class of people—the human race made up of loving, caring, sharing, compassionate people who understand that we not only survive but thrive by embracing the consciousness of “we” and “us” rather than “I,” “me” and “my.”

Maybe it's time for the dogma propagandized in many ways by established churches to be seen for the control and superficiality that it is. Is not and should not our “church” and our “religion” reside within the holy of holies of our very Selves and not just on Sunday or Saturday but in every moment of every day and reflected by our every action?

Why do some categorically refuse to try on the shoes of those we shun and call them sick and perverted? Is it because we are not thinking for ourselves? Is it because we take the much easier route and blindly take on dogmas preached to us by certain people in power? Even if we are raised from  birth steeped in a certain belief system, when we become old enough we can and should question our beliefs to see if they truly hold up for us. If we are truly living, our belief systems may morph over time and we should welcome this.

I was raised firmly believing in allopathic medicine but when I became older I began to question many beliefs around health and health care, for example. These medically oriented beliefs had been very well implanted in me, but later in life I almost shocked myself (in a good way) when I emphatically chose to birth my son naturally and at home. Our beliefs can change and take on higher more empowering frequencies. It’s how the world evolves.

Obesity and debilitating disease should be a signal to us that something is very wrong with how we think as individuals and as a mass consciousness, that perhaps something is very wrong with our food, our approach to health and living with these majestic bodies of ours and the way we view our environment.

These diseases are a wake-up call in a society that believes itself to be modern but the alarm has been sounding for a long time now and we haven’t turned it off. Instead, modern allopathic medicine keeps using drugs and submitting to surgery and radiation to treat cancer, for example, all the while knowing that in most cases these treatments will not even provide a cure. Medical doctors themselves, when faced with the same diseases and treatment options, do not choose the very strategies they prescribe for their patients. This should tell us something. And I have always found this very strange: medical doctors are the only ones allowed to use the word “cure!” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return to the healthcare method of ancient times in China where doctors were paid only if they helped keep us well?

Why does one corporation have control of almost all our food? When you control the food, you control the people! Isn’t it time we slow down, let go of some of this materialism, live as real communities and families, grow crops in our back or front yards and eat the unadulterated pure food right from the vine? Maybe it’s time for packaged and fast foods to become less available so that everyone can learn more to enjoy the value of true nutrition. How can most prepared foods in the grocery store speak vitality? Think about what’s inside those packages. There’s just no way they can.

Our political system is proving to be more of an endless tug of war than a cooperative labor of love and service. Maybe it’s time for it to be rebuilt by today’s more idealistic young indigo adults. Maybe we need a shot of idealism. There are too many people with selfish interests insisting on holding on to power to think that our current system can be fixed or modified enough to get us on the right track. These young indigo adults have the answers within them and frankly, so do us older people if only we would face up to it. But the indigos will, if allowed, ultimately lead us to a beautiful system of government where we are not so much governed with laws but where we are able to self-govern out of our deep respect for ourselves and all life in whatever form it takes.

It might have to take a major event or a series of events to bring about the transformation we seek. By experiencing these dark contrasts, we get really clear about what we do want and then those clear thoughts create. We all know big changes need to happen and such thoughts carried by masses of people will manifest somehow. They just have to. It’s how the universe works.

So again, why are we faced with such enormous challenges on planet Earth now more than ever before? Because all of this is part of the necessary process of re-creation. Because the present way isn’t working and we have to see that it isn’t working very clearly in order to wake up. Because we’ve written all of this and we are destined to restructure and transform it. Rather than resist and abhor it, let's embrace the knowing that these challenges are harbingers of the future world founded on the good of all and which we are creating as we read this.

Certain animal species don’t exist forever because life is ever evolving. They aren’t meant to exist forever. In a similar way, our economic, socio-political, philosophical and healthcare systems must evolve to a higher expression of themselves that is more in alignment with the higher velocities we desire. As we go forward, understand that the whole picture is part of a natural inevitable ascending evolution. Be unattached to the old ways and material things and open to the new, the revolutionary and the equanimous beautiful. In this way, we will all not only survive but thrive.

Photo by Torbjorn Sandbakk on Unsplash