Wake Up: Chaotic Disingenuous Governing Is Food for Dark Forces

We the people preamble to the U. S. Constitution

Some people enjoy stirring things up. They like to create chaos. Why? Because chaos creates a low frequency, negative energy and these perpetrators of chaos and ugly, like our president, feed on it. It’s how they get their energy. 

Frequency has a range, of course, and it might not necessarily be linear as in high to low. Infinite Creation is not linear. It's multidimensional, expansive, extending to all places everywhere so I surmise energy frequencies might be registered in ways our third dimensional world has no idea of.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the energy frequencies of chaos, fear, racism, lying, manipulation, cheating, control, duplicitousness, and selfishness are very “low” indeed, not to mention ugly.

There are dark forces on this planet for a very long time now. They choose not to live in the “high” expansive frequency of love. That would be very uncomfortable for them. As the planet evolves, they will have to go to that place or leave, but right now they purposely choose chaos, racism, lies, to name just a few choices of the human ego mind, in order to feed themselves with the kind of vibratory frequency to which they are accustomed. They choose it because right now they can get away with it. This “food energy” allows them to control the masses with fear and lies which, in turn, feeds even more of the same energies to these dark forces.

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Members of the dark forces are in very exalted places in our world: religion, politics and government, education, entertainment and science. They exist even in the guise of holy or upright people while all along they use their disguises to lure more innocents or those purposely choosing ignorance into their traps. 

The world population as a whole all too readily gives over its power to these people just because they seem to have achieved something great. We seem to be enthralled with celebrity and stature giving those who have achieved it our attention whether they are worthy of it or not. We do this without even discerning for ourselves whether they are on the up and up or not.

How can we know if they are? We can feel it. In a moment we can know if something just feels ‘off.’ It’s a skill we can cultivate within ourselves. It’s a skill we must cultivate within ourselves otherwise we'll fall prey to these dark energies and be swallowed up by them.

These dark force power mongers make promises of many great and very attractive things like giving you instant ability to heal yourself of serious disease, lining your pockets and bank accounts with money, and salvation from hell. This isn't to say that we can't heal ourselves, become outrageously abundant and become saintly people. It's the way in which they promise these things that are telltale signs of disingenuousness. Scratch 'disingenuous.' Talk about fake, it's 'fake.'

They use words like ‘love’ to validate themselves or they carry themselves off like saints. Donald Trump calls it a ‘bill of love’ that he wants to sign. He says there is so much ‘love’ in the room. He calls meetings ‘love fests,’ and I’ve got to say it just doesn’t ring true, not when you make a practice of calling people names and demeaning races. He uses the word ‘love’ like it’s a piece of candy he’s giving to little children. That’s what predators do to get what they want. 

He uses the few words in his vocabulary to manipulate the minds of masses of people. He’s actually smart. He doesn’t need an expansive vocabulary to do mind control. All he has to do is keep repeating the same concise statements over and over again and the unconscious masses will fall in line. It’s what Hitler did. (I read a Vanity Fair article corroborated by many named sources that reported Trump actually had a book of Hitler’s speeches on or near his desk.) Hitler was a master dark force propagandist and so is Trump. Yes, he is a master and we must be very careful, aware, awake, clear, conscious.

One of the most fundamental laws of the universe is “Like attracts like.” If we find ourselves agreeable to such things, it’s because we are very much like them. If we wonder why Christians go along with all the very unloving statements and actions made by this president, there is our answer. Is their religion for real?

Do I sound cynical? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just shouting more loudly so that more of us can hear and wake up because we must turn this all around and allow our planet to shine!

Even though these times can often be called dark (there still is an awful lot of good, beautiful and true!), good always arises out of every “bad” thing because we learn from it and realize what we truly want and what we truly don’t want. These dark times and their deeds give the people of light the incentive to rise up and spread that light!

Mr. Trump is the 45th president of the United States. In my understanding of numerology, 4 + 5 = 9 and 9 is the number of completion. Perhaps this means this presidency will mark the end of disregard for our Mother, planet Earth, the end of duplicitous chaotic governing and autocratic tendencies, and the end of fake ego tripping communication to the masses of people who so believe they are in a president’s hands.