Wrestling With the Chaos of Current Events: Do We Tune It Out or Pay Attention to It?

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There are many who say, “Pay no attention to the news. Turn off the television…” if you want to have peace of mind. I’ve heard of people who have completely tuned out and they say they’re very happy. How can we retain our sanity yet still remain a viable contributing part of the world?

I remember a time in my life when I was so consumed with myself I now look back to that period when so many world events were going on and I wonder how I could have been so ignorant. Nevertheless, the world carried on without me. A recession took place and I didn’t even know it. I remember at that time that it became more difficult to earn an income but because I paid no attention to the news, I didn’t make any connection of recession to my sluggish ability to earn. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe I would have muddied the waters even more had I known. I probably would have added more worry energy creating even more challenges for myself.

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I’ve swung the pendulum both ways in my quest to live a good life. I’ve completely dropped out and tuned out and then I’ve given chaos, news and television programming my attention.

Ultimately, extremes in life are never wise and it’s why we're experiencing so much chaos in the world today. We see this played out in our American government and especially in our presidential administration and our Congress. Extremes create either impasse or chaos.

But chaos can be good. It presents a contrast to us we don’t like and assists us to begin re-creating exactly what we do want. In fact, the ultimate gift that humans in the current epoch will give to posterity is going to be borne of all this chaos.

We live in this world. It doesn’t mean we have to wear all of its aspects like a second skin. We still must be vigilant and not take on what doesn’t serve and add to our highest good. And yet we are here to create a new world, a more beautiful, kinder, loving world. How do we reconcile the two? 

We may not exactly reconcile the two but we can and must find balance. 

I always go back to Gautama Buddha known for pointing to the “middle way.”

“If you tighten the string too much it will snap, and if you leave it too slack, it will not play.” 

We are part of an exciting evolution in consciousness. If we live as ostriches with our heads in the sand, it will pass us by and we will never have experienced this incredible transformation. Our children and grandchildren will ask us to tell them the stories of this time and we will have nothing to teach them. We may regret that we did not participate in this unfolding and blossoming of consciousness. I know it may not look like this is what's happening, but if we look under the surface, we can see that this is so.

In the moments that we do choose to look in on what’s happening in the world, we must do so in a measured way and also with healthy detachment. By attaching our energies to discordant ones we will be affected in negative ways and then be unable to assist the world from a whole and healthy place. This is why it is so often advised to just pay no attention to the news at all. If we don't, we are far freer to create the lives we want. 

Only look in on the news of the world if you can really and truly be detached. Let's not fool ourselves over this. If we truly can't detach, then it's probably best not to follow the current events.

It's possible to know what's going on in the world without getting hooked in. It's what I'm doing. I mix and balance it all with time in nature, enjoying beautiful music, meditation, reaching outwards and giving, cleaning and reorganizing my home, exercising, engaging with those I love, creating new projects, relaxing and enjoying simple things and more.

I also very much engage in visioning a different world. This is probably the most important practice we can carry out. And the more of us who do the more elegantly our world will transform itself. Right now, the predominant vision may be chaos but there is another vision at work and it will overtake the former. Let's be sure of this.

Take action if you feel to because we're here to uplift and evolve but perhaps our greatest action is to visionaries. Become aware enough of world events but don't do it to the exclusion of the rest of your life or to the detriment of your mental sanity and emotional vitality. Always strike a balance and learn to detach.

Photo by Nitish Meena at Unsplash