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Matcha—The One Superfood You’ll Want to Consume Daily for Longevity and Vitality of Life

If there’s one food we should consume almost on a daily basis it’s matcha–a powdered form of green tea made from the entire leaf and the most potent and healthiest tea in the world. Although it’s not a magic bullet, matcha stands out above all the other superfoods for many reasons. Its benefits far exceed those of regular green tea in drink form and a healthy lifestyle and the pursuit of quality longevity might not be complete without it even if you are already big on consuming a variety of superfoods.

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Lose Weight Effortlessly and Eat All the Good Food You Want: Here's My Best Blender-to-Table Vegan Recipe

It’s a proven fact that most of our body’s energy is used to digest and eliminate food. What I love about blenderized food is that the process of blending at high speed pre-digests the food. It breaks the food down as a first stage to digestion saving your system and body energy for other things like healing, rejuvenating, meditating, tuning in to your spirit guides, exercising, working, creating… Combine this food prep technique with vegan ingredients and it’s a match made in heaven. This is a most excellent way to lose weight without really even trying while satiating yourself with high quality delicious nourishing food.

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15 Questions a Holistic Practitioner Should Be Asking You

Many alternative healthcare practitioners today call themselves holistic. It is sometimes an interesting experience to visit a physician who labels himself holistic but records notes about your history and examines you paying greatest attention only to physical factors.

In the spirit of wholism, and in addition to the basic physical/hereditary history a holistic practitioner will collect before treating you, a true holistic practitioner would actually take the following issues into account when treating you.

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18 Assists If You've Got Stored Emotional Pain

Emotions stem from the body’s experiences and its mental interpretation of those experiences. Because of this, emotions are closely related to our bodies. They are actually an extension of our bodies. Stored emotional trauma create impediments to the free flow of energy in our bodies. It’s wise to release them otherwise they might cause a physical illness down the road. Think about it: When energy is blocked from flowing and stimulating circulation in the body, how can vitality result? Any blocks to the flow of energy cause discomfort, aches, dysfunction and possibly pain and illness.

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2 Effective and Natural Ways to Combat Potential Superbugs

In another CNN interview with a microbiologist, the health pundit was asked what new approach we could use to combat superbugs and he answered, PROBIOTICS. He said we have to start looking at probiotics for our health. Hello?! Where has he been?! Maybe he’s been just steeped in the world of allopathic medicine but it's nice to hear biologists like him are more and more willing to give a real alternative like probiotics a good hard look.

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