Lose Weight Effortlessly and Eat All the Good Food You Want: Here's My Best Blender-to-Table Vegan Recipe

Cashew creme and fresh blueberries

It’s a proven fact that most of our body’s energy is used to digest and eliminate food. What I love about blenderized food is that the process of blending at high speed pre-digests the food. It breaks the food down as a first stage to digestion saving your system and body energy for other things like healing, rejuvenating, meditating, tuning in to your inner and spirit guides, exercising, working, creating… Combine this food prep technique with vegan ingredients and it’s a match made in heaven. This is a most excellent way to lose weight without really even trying while satiating yourself with high quality delicious nourishing food.

You can use any good multi-speed blender however I highly recommend the Vitamix. It has amazing power, comes with a lifetime guarantee on the motor, and it can actually warm your blender recipe in just a few minutes of runtime.

There are competitors to the Vitamix and I’ve used them but I still prefer the Vitamix hands down. If you use a Vitamix, always start the blending on low speed but as quickly as you can, turn it up to the highest speed. This actually will better preserve the life of your machine according to Vitamix Corporation.

If cost is an issue, Vitamix sells refurbished machines with a full lifetime guarantee and during the holiday season, they offer payment plans over several months. Be sure you buy the full-fledged version of Vitamix the top chefs use and not the smoothie-only model.

But again, a good blender even if it’s not a Vitamix will work!

Many of my recipes call for raw soaked cashews (or other raw soaked nut or seed) instead of adding olive oil. I’m not sure why so many people feel to add olive oil or other oils to soups, not that I have anything against olive oil! Adding a handful of raw soaked and well rinsed cashews to the blender will make your soup smooth and creamy so if you’re looking for creamy, add the cashews. But if you prefer to use olive oil (extra virgin, first cold pressed, organic), that will work, too.

If you’re okay with a more liquid version of the  recipe, don’t add the cashews. I choose cashews because they’re relatively benign in flavor and won’t alter the taste while lending a smooth texture.

Yes, cashews add fat content to the recipe as well as creaminess, but I’d rather consume fat from nuts or seeds than from animals which doesn’t work very well in the body not to mention the humane consideration. And we all have to have some fat in our diets! (But really, not injurious animal fat!)

Organic is always best. It’s better quality, tends to have more flavor and is free of harmful pesticides, herbicides and GMO (genetically modified organism) practices. Invest in your food quality and choices and you have invested in your health and vitality. You’ll find you’ll visit the doctor’s office much less often.

And finally, as with any blender, if the mix is too thick to revolve and create a whirling spiral tunnel in the center, just add enough water to get it rolling.

Here’s my recipe for Cashew Creme. Use this creme as a base for all sorts of sauces and spreads by flavoring it to taste. It’s nice to always have a container of cashew creme on hand in your refrigerator. Use it like mayonnaise or sour cream, modify it to taste to make a salad dressing, use it as a creme sauce, whatever strikes you! 

You can get 19 other of my best blender-to-table vegan recipes at my website’s Mag Stand (right column).


  • 1 -1/2 cups raw cashews (whole or pieces, preferably organic) that have been soaked at least 4 hours, drained and rinsed well with cool water

  • 3/4 cup pure cool water

  • 1 tsp Himalayan salt

  • 1 tsp lemon juice

  • 1 clove garlic (optional)

Place all in the blender canister and run until smooth and creamy, approximately 45 seconds.

Empty creme into a storage container and refrigerate. If the creme is not as thick as you might like, it will thicken some in the refrigerator.

Remember to get 19 other of my best blender-to table vegan recipes at my website’s Mag Stand.