What You and I Might Do: How Shifting Our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Posture Just Two or Three Degrees Can Create the Change We Seek In Our Lives

The iPhone compass app is open and pointed toward the sunset

You probably can really relate to this: your life is great yet you have a desire to be and do more. You have more to give, ideas to materialize, and understandings to garner. But you feel a little stuck. You feel like you’re trudging through sludge. And you know you wouldn’t have these desires if you weren’t meant to accomplish them. We are all creative beings after all imbued with the desire to create and to give. So how do we shift our trajectory just enough to get us going again?

When I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror yesterday wondering about all of this I spontaneously blurted out, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” That famous saying just came bubbling up and it really got my attention.

This made me realize that most of us want certain things to change in our lives but we mostly just harp on the fact that we want change while doing nothing about it.

Now we can go and drag the train down the railroad track. That’s one way to do it. There are teachers in this world that preach you’ve got to make everything happen and massive action is what it takes. I’ve done that and it works but it’s exhausting and it feels forced, certainly not organic.

The other approach, the lovelier one, is to acknowledge we need to make a shift in attitude and then place our focus there. Our focused energy will draw the elements of the changes we seek into our lives almost as if by magic. We just have to take it easy, open the sphere of allowing these changes in and follow the signposts which the non-physical realm (including our own inner being) provides us.

Last night I was contemplating the fact that I had gotten stuck on desiring change without aligning myself to it. I asked God and my guides and ancestors to show me the signposts and that I would most certainly follow them. A song began playing in the background right at that moment called, “What I Might Do” and I had to laugh so apropos it was. I began thinking about what I might do differently starting right now to instigate a slight shift in my life.

It only takes a very slight shift to cause a massive change. Mathematically speaking, if you start at your current angle of trajectory and draw a new angular line coming from the point of origin and just two or three degrees away from the original line, as the line travels out into infinity the angle becomes wider and wider signifying massive change. But all we ever had to do was shift a positive degree or two. We didn’t have to do what the more aggressive motivators and instructors teach by pushing and pulling and exaggerating our actions. All we need to do is nudge ourselves just a little bit–to create a shift in our thinking and way of being that’s actually quite slight.

When you think about the mathematical example above, it makes complete sense doesn’t it? And math is absolute. It is unerring. It isn’t one way today and another way tomorrow. It’s constant and it actually underlies all of creation so let’s work with it.

Why not apply this mathematical concept to effect the change you seek in your life? I’m asking you the question: What might you do to make a slight two or three degree shift in your life and/or way of thinking right here and now? Don’t worry about the end result. Just stay focused on the shift of the moment and the transformation you seek is bound to occur.

Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash