Revealing the Secrets of the Universe

Library of Alexandria with honeycombs storing papyruses

Ask the questions. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions on the big life subjects you’ve wondered about for a long time and for which you don’t have real answers yet. Place your questions into the ethers where the answers will take form and find their way to you, so often in mystical and unexpected ways. They may not always come as a thunderous voice in the night, but they will come and you’ll recognize them, if not immediately, very soon after. 

And the more you practice asking, the better you’ll get at being in full and open receivership of the Divine knowledge and wisdom you seek. Soon you’ll be in dialogue with your Overself, the Universe, God, All That Is. It’s all one and the same.

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This is how we learn and “become”–by being inquisitive, stretching ourselves, venturing beyond the known and the five senses.

When we entertain such unlimitedness, we ourselves become unlimited. When we expand our inquisitiveness and our desire to know, the font of never-ending knowledge flows more and more freely to us.

With this knowledge well used and applied in our lives, we become more and more aware of the Divine beings we are and this is a joyful awakening, an awakening quickened, so to speak, by the simple act of speaking the questions and then waiting to hear.

When we ask the question, the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth, the fact is actually awakened within us. It doesn’t really come from somewhere or someone outside of ourselves.

When we speak the question, it’s truthful response is virtually ignited within our beings for we are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universes. All the answers to all the questions are within us! We have not been sent to planet Earth without abilities!

Ask the best questions you can, but ask whatever question arises for you because no question will ever be rejected by Isness. In even the most mundane questions lie the kernels of great teachings. The things you’ve wondered about don’t have to be gigantically momentous. They need only come from a sincere heart. The master within you knows how to be direct at the same time offering you an elevated discourse on aspects of your question you might never even have thought of.

Ask the questions that will extend you beyond the ordinary if you can. Ask for knowledge that will catapult you on your spiritual journey especially if your spiritual evolution is essentially important to you.

The Universe, God, Isness, whatever we feel to call it, is in a constant state of responsiveness. It patiently waits to bow to our every whim and word. It lives within and around us. Whether we know it or not, we are one with it and the Universe is one with us.

This may be a new practice for us but the more we practice it, we will soon find ourselves almost in a constant dialogue with the Source and we will never ever feel alone or lonely again. And like the Ancient Library of Alexandria, we will pull scrolls from the pigeon holes and reveal to ourselves the secrets of the Universe!

So ask your questions! 

Ask away!