Going Beyond the Surface Meaning of Trust: What a Divination Card Layout Showed Me

An ascened master three card divination layout: The Mahachohan Ragoczy indicating Teacher, Quan Yin pointing to Let It Go and Vishnu saying to Trust

I’ve always been attracted to divination. Most of the time, I seek divine counsel in meditation and I do my best to remain connected to infinite thought throughout the course of my days, but sometimes I may use a tool depending on how I feel. Divination can be done with a dowsing rod, a pendulum, by asking for wisdom and then opening a book to a spontaneously "guided" page, by consulting cards (cartomancy) or remote viewing, to name only a few. (The Paranormal Encyclopedia lists more than 100 known forms of divination.) I have a deck of cards I love to use most when the feeling urges—Ascended Master cards by Doreen Virtue. Last night’s card reading was so interesting for me I felt to share it with you for the profound unfolding lesson it presents on TRUST.

Of course, when I use the cards I shuffle them well. I usually then spread the cards out before me on the table like a fan. I let my hands go wherever they will go to choose the one, three, five or seven cards for the reading. Rather than just read the cards one dimensionally, I’ve learned to feel the collective meaning of the cards I pull after I turn them over to reveal their messages.

It's absolutely uncanny how, out of 44 cards, I pick roughly the same cards over and over again during certain periods of my life. The card reading I’m sharing with you today is one of those times. Remember, I am shuffling and re-shuffling and sometimes on top of that I just mess them all up on the table before drawing cards as another form of shuffling. No matter how I shuffle and choose and lay out the cards, recurring themes are speaking to me.

For just a bit of background to this story, I’m basically beginning all over again with writing and publishing but now it’s all electronic on my website, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. This is in large contrast to how I served the public before—publishing and distributing a hard copy conscious living magazine to a large audience for close to 20 years. I’m used to seeing very tangible results pretty quickly and I have a tendency to want things before their time. I grow impatient. I want it now. I used to put the cart before the horse all the time to make things happen and I’ve realized that this is a habit I’ve had to transform and I’m much better for it. I'm living and enjoying life much more now as a result.

Yesterday afternoon, I was working on this website and on my Pinterest boards. I was trying to figure out how long it’s going to take before I get the kind of visitor numbers to my sites that I’d really love to see. I was calculating and getting frustrated. I love to solve challenges so I was strategizing how to get to where I want to be as soon as possible. I guess I was still trying to put the cart before the horse!

Hours later, I pulled out the ascended master cards and drew three of them having forgotten my computation work of earlier in the day. Over the last couple of months I have drawn the first card many times. I again drew the Mahachohan Ragoczy indicating TEACHER.

The second card I drew was Quan Yin telling me to LET IT GO.

And the third card was Vishnu saying TRUST.

The first card, TEACHER, signaled to me my life’s work and which I am deep into right now. I realized I was being told to stop angsting over numbers to my sites. I was being strongly encouraged to just LET IT GO.

And finally, I was being urged to just TRUST. The non-physical realm sees more than I can see. They are telling me to trust that it will happen as I envisioned it and as it was foretold.

Today I realized that I’ve only superficially understood the meaning of TRUST that the masters have been trying to convey to me. Believe me, I've been pulling that card a lot, too.

When I allowed myself today to go beyond the surface and really feel TRUST, wow, what a difference. Letting go and trust go hand in hand. To truly trust, we must let go our need for control. We must abandon ourselves and not allow the ego mind to entertain the nuts and bolts of how a thing will occur. We must follow the signposts the universe gives us. These signposts pop up showing us not only the way but sometimes something we are to do. It might be taking a course or visiting a person. When we follow the signposts along the way as they come up, we live more fully in the free and flowing universe and all kinds of wonderful things start happening.

But the meaning of trust goes even deeper than this and I’m telling you it’s so deep I really can’t put words to what I understood through my feelings today. True TRUST is a divine attribute. It doesn’t question. It doesn’t agonize. It just is. It just knows. It allows every good thing to come to us. And still, I feel like I’m not getting everything across in this writing that I felt this morning. Sometimes feelings just cannot be adequately expressed in words so limiting words can be.

TRUST is absolutely liberating. What a feeling—to be free. Freedom and liberation are all any of us want anyway. I’m going forward now free of needing to line anything up, free of expectations for myself and the fruits of what I create, and free of the world’s prescriptions for how success should look. I already placed my order with the universe. Now I just have to let it cook. Amen!