The Masters of the Far East Foresaw America As Spiritual Leader

An American flag in a greenfield at sunset

America? What? Destined to be a leader in the spiritual development of the world? It might be difficult to believe given the ways things look right now, but sometimes you have to experience what you don't want to know what you really do want. All we are experiencing is leading up to an undeniable, almost unquantifiable surge of spiritual realization in our country. No matter what it looks like in this moment, we must have faith that this is so. We all know in the bellies of our souls that this will come to pass.

America's eventual leadership in spiritual* development was foretold in the five-volume book set by Baird T. Spalding, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.** These books chronicle the witnessing of many miraculous events during the years Spalding and his team made their first expedition to the Himalayas in the first half of the twentieth century to encounter and document the stories of the Masters who transcend time and space.

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The Himalayan Masters who lived then and live today demonstrated, for purposes of belief, many powers including teleportation, remote viewing, bifocation, levitation, and prakamya or the manifesting of physical objects from nothing. In the edifices carved into the Himalayan mountains, these powers also known as Siddhis are part of a way of life rather than examples of extraordinary exception.

The Masters recounted to Spalding that in their remote viewing practice they saw Columbus approach the Queen of Spain for funding to set sail and prove the earth was round far before it ever happened. They saw a long sequence of events unfold in their remote viewing far in advance of their occurrences.

The Master Emil tells Spalding:

"...those of us that have been privileged to live through it now fully realize that far greater wonders are in store for your great nation. We feel that the time has come for your nation to awaken to its true spiritual import and we wish to do all we can to help you to this realization.”

Time to us humans is linear and is nothing like the Masters' experience of time. Scientists assist us to understand our humble experience of time placed into the far bigger picture of the universe and the evolution of aeons. For us, 100 years might be compared to the time it takes to blink an eye in the grander scheme of things. In other words, when the Masters say, "the time has come," we are really limiting ourselves and our understanding if we relegate and confine it to the 1930s. And for truly spiritual people, the time is always NOW.

Spalding himself then goes on to say:

"It appears that their interest in us was prompted by their great desire to have America accept the Christ Consciousness and realize her possibilities. They know that her inception was truly spiritual and through that fact she is destined to be a leader in the spiritual development of the world...
They [the Masters] proved conclusively that there is a Law that transcends death and that all humanity in its evolution is slowly moving forward to understand and use it. The Masters say this Law will be brought forth in America, will be given to the world, and then all may know the way to Eternal life."

So no matter how arresting our political scene is, no matter how painful it is to witness the strife and struggle and pain in the Middle East, no matter how disturbing it is to watch people of color be treated with prejudice and white people allowing themselves to be fear and hate mongers because they are losing their majority, we must hold fast to this ideal which has not only been foretold but has been written in the script of spiritual evolution by all of us.

I hope you'll read my immediately preceding blog post because it hinges on this one. There are so many things that those of us who are not limited by religious dogma can do right here, right now, to move this spiritual development along.

The time is now. The moment has truly come and this is very exciting indeed.


*By spiritual we are not talking about any organized religion and its teachings; these are steeped in religious dogma and not the freedom inherent in true spirituality.

**"Baird T. Spalding's descriptions of his Far East travels have played a very important role in introducing to the Western world the knowledge that there are many Masters who are assisting and guiding the destinies of mankind. His encounters with the Masters present a dramatic unfoldment of spiritual teachings and episodes unparalleled in all of Western literature."

Spalding, Baird T. Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. Los Angeles: De Vorss, 1937. Print.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash