Just Allow the Thoughts to Flow. Learn to Allow the Flow.

A serene woman in meditation in a tropical forest

Meditation teachers always advise that when thoughts keep coming up while you’re in process of quieting the mind to merely allow them to pass across the mind. They say not to engage with or judge the thoughts. Just let them be until they eventually come to a stop. Most of what we think are thoughts are not actually true thoughts. They are usually no more than dredged up memories or anticipations of some future possibility—not true thought. In altered states, it can be a little easier for the mind to come to a full stop where we can richly experience the state of divine being. The first great experience with this is usually the most memorable so new and wonderful it is and there is one I have that will be lodged in my memory forever—it was so delicious.

It was my second 'altered state' ceremony, I call it, where my mind actually came to a full halt. There was no thinking—just full on being. I could say I delighted in it, and in a sense I did, I just didn’t really give a value judgment to anything at the time. If I felt to do or say something I did but there was no thought behind it—only feeling. It literally felt like a vacation. And the experience made me realize how exhausting the ego mind’s incessant nagging, prodding, agitating, so called thinking is.

At other times in altered states depending on how you got there, the mind is open to receive true infinite Thought. It’s like you’re standing still in a fruit tree-lined corridor and the trees are buzzing past you. If you reach up to the left or right, you can pick a fruit off the tree of knowledge and bring it into your being for contemplation. You can taste it, consume it, and make it part of you. You can allow its wisdom to fill the very cells of your being, expanding you, filling you, and lifting you up.

Sometimes, those thoughts and wisdoms come so fast we can’t keep up with them. They flood in and you know you’re receiving vast wisdoms but you can only identify a few of them. You feel that you're going in and out of other dimensions and simultaneous lifetimes. You may experience alternating outrageous beauty and ominous ugliness as you confront the light and the dark. You feel like you’re being filled up with manna and you want to consciously get it all because you feel how brilliant it is yet all that seems right is to be, allow and trust.

One night the stream of thought was so relentless steady it was almost exhausting and I wanted to stop it or at least slow it down, and for a brief second it did stop when I heard very clearly within myself this guidance,

“Just allow the thoughts to flow. Learn to allow the flow.”

And then they revved up again.

Greater wisdom may never have been spoken to me than, “Learn to allow the flow,” because I’ve had a tendency to try to cause the flow rather than allow it. I guess that’s most people’s challenge. But when you get such a pointer in such a state of alteredness and surrender, it penetrates—and you listen—and you shift to placing your focus where it should be—to allowing the flow. And it takes a conscious presence to allow the flow of the universe into your life.

Who knows what all those thoughts were I was receiving? They are all inside me now and I suspect they will rise to the surface when I require them most. And that is another aspect of learning to allow the flow.

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash