The Starseed Mission

The Starseed Mission

As starseeds we come to this planet and live the lives of human beings. We take on karma we don’t have to but choose to because it’s part of incarnating into the Earth third dimensional program. We take on karma also because we want to be in service to others. In a nutshell, that’s it—we are “service-to-others beings.” We give of ourselves to assist the planet to move to higher velocities and dimensions.

As we experience life lessons, many of which are difficult to bear, we become homeopathics for the planet. We help stimulate the healing process of Earth and its inhabitants.

The homeopathic notion that “like cures like” where a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people applies to what starseeds are doing here this lifetime. All of us are in the process of curing humanity of its ego.

Without needing to but desiring to be of service we come here to be vessels that channel uplifting energies into the planet. We allow ourselves to be utilized for this purpose because the negative we are all up against here on Earth (from reptilian, dark predatory forces) is more than you can possibly imagine.

Our lives may not have a spectacular outer appearance. In fact, many of our everyday lives may look somewhat ordinary. But starseeds are by no means ordinary. Starseeds are quite extraordinary. We say what we mean and we mean what we say and we tend to be eccentric, outspoken, creative and rebellious. It’s all because deep thin ourselves we remember who we are. Barbara Marciniak’s books call us ‘systems busters.’

Sometimes those around us feel uncomfortable and we need to find a way to be our undiluted selves without rubbing other peoples’ faces in our (to them) ‘weirdness.’ A true starseed must learn to know when to back off.

Without a doubt, Earth is slated to heal, evolve and transform itself. And just like with all healing processes, assistance is needed—and this assistance is partly in the form of the starseed being.

It isn’t that we’re valiant slayers or loud mouthed activists. We can be those things. We might be those things at times (and we have to know when). It’s that we are offerings to the planet. We make ourselves a gift and then we go through what we must without complaint. We go through all the same lessons everyone else does here and we offer all we endure as grace and light to the planet.

The living library of Earth stores all the wisdom garnered through our life lessons and rising higher experiences which is utilized very efficiently to slowly raise Earth’s vibratory frequency. Frequencies should almost never be raised too quickly or short circuiting occurs.

So this is how we actively engage in our global collective starseed mission—one word, thought, action at a time—and an uplifting process many of us have been participating in without fully realizing.

And still there is a thing known as the individual starseed mission, too, and it is the question that starseeds often ask and then all too often abruptly forget about. And these specific missions, so to speak, are already known within us although often not consciously.

In order to arrive at a conscious knowing of your individual starseed mission it is important to begin with realizing what it means to be responsible, accountable, authentic and sovereign—freed from the strictures of religious and political systems which control almost all aspects of our lives—because once you know you must act. None of it is anything to be toyed with but all of it is certainly to be lived out and enjoyed fully—yes, enjoyed to the max—because without enjoyment the gift becomes tainted, spoiled.

If you feel well on your way to sovereign beingness and ready to uncover your indigenous starseed mission—I prefer to call it ‘service’ or ‘station’—or you would love to receive some pointers directing you to it, please email me. I have a therapy that can be done even long distance that just may assist you not to mention the fact that I’d love to connect!