Today’s Goddess Is About Way More Than Fluff and Frou Frou

A young woman is today’s goddess

When we think of the term ‘goddess,’ we might think of a woman milling, maybe even sort of gliding or floating, about in wispy gowns wearing a crown of flowers in her hair.  We may think of a goddess as having loads of confidence, being a virtual fountain of advice, quirky and unusual. There really are many women who fit that stereotype, but the meaning of goddess as much for today’s world, as for the world of ages ago, is far deeper and far more multidimensional than pictures and images suggest. 

A goddess also wears an etheric warrior’s suit.  She’s found the battle garb necessary in this world of power and control. She’s a protectress—do not dare to lay a harmful finger on her children for you may be amazed at what comes back to you.

She’s as wise as she is intelligent. She has spectacular endurance and she is enduring. The goddess is forever.

A goddess is creative and strong, evidenced by her ability to conceive and give birth right from her body.  

And she’s connected to her source of power: emotions. They are those emotions that form the substance of her intuition. She’s attuned to them and sees them as signposts to follow as her feelings warn, caution, guide and protect her. She wisely puts her trust in them.

The goddess is often very misunderstood and marginalized even by many men who claim to honor her.  This is why women in marriages or partnerships often feel liberated once they divorce or separate for it is very difficult for a woman to be who she is when much of what she feels and communicates is regularly discounted. By the way, that kind of constant beating down by masculine energy is something that’s got to stop. Only insecure, impotent people beat others down or try to.

A goddess, just like anyone else, is meant to live free, revered, respected and valued. Over time she comes to know her freedom from the depths of her being. With her accrued accomplishment of life lessons and experiences, she knows who she is so intimately she marches onward not caring one whit about what anyone else thinks or says about her. All of that is meaningless in her world.

The goddess stands for something, right or wrong. She may endure challenge or hardship for almost far too long but there’s a ‘method in her madness’ as they say. It all ends up being very purposeful. She is grounded in her knowing.

A goddess never compromises her personal integrity. No matter what comes her way, she cannot be degraded. She is noble and resolute.

She’s a leader, a nurturer, a counselor, a comforter, a mother-creator and the greatest of companions.

She is not a follower. Instead, she carries a torch along unlit paths, all the while paving her own way and a way for others.

She is capable beyond measure never hesitating to draw on her innate gifts and talents which she shares with the world loudly and magnanimously or humbly and quietly. Both are the same to her.

Each and every goddess is one-of-a-kind, utterly unique, flamboyant in her own way, part of the sisterhood of the cosmos and the motherhood of all that is.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash